Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update August 2020

First off we would like to say thank you to everyone who has bought our game thus far as the funds for the sales contributes into the chances for a potential DLC and a cinematic story mode that would introduce to more characters that you’ve requested for.

But we are far from finished as we’ll be fixing many things from bugs to the net code and starting production of our next character T.H.I.S.

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Early Access coming on the 24th!

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends is coming to steam early access on the 24th of July with 5 playable characters and 5 stages.
Here we show our trailer of the game you can get your hands on in the coming weeks!!! Will be 14.99USD

Terrordrome ROTL is now available to wishlist on Steam! we’re aware there might be some online issues when the game releases although it is serviceable there might be some desyncs from time to time so if anyone experiences this at release please report it to us so we can fix it thank you


Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update July 2020

We’re clawing our way to the early access nail by nail.
We’re finally finished with the gameplay for launch and we’re recording and editing the trailer as we speak.
Sorry for the lack of news this month with common questions like the games release date, price etc because we’re in the nitty gritty area of the steam check list which is the last step in this process.


Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Developer Update June 2020

Progress has slowly been made as we struggled a bit with the net code at this time but we’re proceeding forward.
We’re checking off the things we need to release the early access onto steam as well as working on the early access trailer too!
Another thing we decided to do is since so many of you have understood why we can no longer get characters under use of copyright and decided to request public domain characters we can use, we’ve decided to expand the initial roster from 10 characters to 12.
We cannot share who these two newcomers are yet but let this be known, We’re listening.

Stay safe and take care