We got a Publisher!

We’re happy to announce the partnership with Forthright Entertainment!
Forthright Entertainment has become the brand new publisher of Terrordrome Reign of the Legends which will help us get the game out of early access as well as help fund the game to port to consoles and lots lots more content in the future! Also whilst we’re doing this we’ll provide the game to new game platform called Alloy.

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update, June 2022

Dracula is coming along well, latest progress is that his animation phase has almost finished and large portions of his moveset has been added in engine so far but not his helper move yet, Introducing Sybil and Isadora, Dracula’s brides who will join as his helper move.
these two are still in development and will look a lot more unique and stylish once finished.

Our coder Brad will also be adding a combo breaker mechanic in replacement of armoured fall and stand, this should bring more visual flair to the game and provide more fun competitive moments.

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update, May 1st

Dracula’s animations are almost finished and some of moveset has been added in engine, sounds are yet to be added.
Dracula’s early state is playable on the Patreon build of the game, if you’d like to try him out subscribe to the Patreon here.


We also have a list of actors to voice him to go through and listen, we may have found our actor, more info soon.

Finally our coder Matt has been working on a brand new menu and UI for the game, this will take time and we don’t have anything to show at this date.

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update, April 2022:

Dracula is in engine with his reactions basics and normal animations done, his attack animations are in the middle of being implemented and the rest is being made.

We’re hoping by the end of the month we can boost production a lot more and commission the music for 2 stages that are already finished and Commission the models for the last 2 playable characters

Also other exciting info coming soon stay tuned.

King Kong Joins The Terrordrome

We’d like to announce today that indeed King Kong is joining the Terrordrome as a playable character.
If you thought Wendigo is big then with King King you can only play as his hand due to his size.
Finger crack, clench and flick your competition away as King Kong releases now!

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update February 2022

Both the Abandoned Amusement Park and the Forest have been finished but the release of these stages will be postponed until we have funding to commission the music tracks for each stage.

Whilst waiting we’ve decided to work on Dracula who is in the very start of his animation phase.

Our newest member Skull Rabbit will be making character guides for our YouTube channel.

In other news Brad our coder has worked out and started to code a possible tutorial mode where we can give the game the ability to teach users it’s mechanics to help them get better.

New Arcade Cabinets!

Looks like Mr Van Helsing has installed some new games for his arcade which is now viewable in our latest patch, which one would you play? (please keep in mind we still have to fix the lighting in this stage to help players see the around the stage more)

Ghostface Special Stream Tomorrow!

Be sure to check in tomorrow’s stream same time as usual for the Ghostface special to celebrate the release of the newest Scream Movie!
If you want to play a few games with Brad on stream be sure to have parsec installed.