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Terrordrome 2.10.3 has been released!

Do you remember the dance contest video where Terrordrome characters were showing all their dancing skills? Today we release version 2.10.3 which includes the dance floor stage plus some minor fixes. Let’s dance! Windows installer: Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qr4359sfb63x9ta/Terrordrome_2_10_3.exe MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!SJ8xkaBQ!U6E9app1hC1hfbGgWqnhNccIWyd3oyxiaESnpgTEeVc Torrent: https://goo.gl/mXpSs8 Linux and Mac installer (PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac and Wine required): Mediafire (Linux/Mac): http://www.mediafire.com/file/c80oxv3cdtxntw0/TRDM-Linux-Mac-2_10_3.exe Mega (Linux/Mac): https://mega.nz/#!LI9WHRYJ!a1lh-rTwPVEXBUNNu-85hnhfbeMX-urBuJEtBtlj0eo Torrent: https://goo.gl/cGJHAk

Happy Halloween 2018!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s our humble present for you in this day: 5 EARLY in-game screenshots of #Terrordrome2. Introducing our first 2 characters and first stage, Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and Frankenstein in the Cemetery stage. Keep in mind this is FAR from being final, the stage is filled with placeholder assets and many other things are missing […]


Hello there Terror-Fans! Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends game is slowly but steadily being developed. While we are making the game, we would like to hear from you what characters you would like to see in the next our game! Detailed answers will be very appreciated. You can write your ideas here or on our […]


Terrordrome’s got talent! Check out our last homage to TRDM1 with this new video that shows our beloved slashers can also pull off some wicked dance moves of their own! They’ve got style, they’ve got groove, it’s time to dance… or die!!!  

Kickstarter November 2017

Hey Terrorfans! We’re reaching out to you firstly to remind of our Kickstarter November 2017. As you should know by now, we’re preparing the spiritual successor to Terrordrome: Terrordrome – Reign of the Legends. In order to prepare our Kickstarter campaign the best way and reach a wide array of potential backers, we’re preparing this […]