A new version is coming.



Hello Terrordrome fans!

As it was said in the previous post, here’s a little teaser of what comes next. The next patch will fix some bugs and add little goodies like this one: Freddy’s Claws from prototype of Terrordrome. Stay tuned.

The story mode is almost finished!

Good news! All storymode pictures are finished (except the ones where I need one more people to appear. No more volunteers?)
This means storymode is now reality. Also every ending is connected to another. they’re not alternative endings with no meaning. They complete themselves to form a full story. You will need to finish some other character endings to understand the story better. Now working on credits… the end is near. ~Fabien

In game move list!


So you guys going to like this next new feature for TRDM now when you pause the game you will be greted with the current characters move list!!! ~ AcidSama