Hello Terrordrome fans!

It’s high time to reveal another new feature for incoming patch 2.10, taunts! Now you’ll be able to use 6th unused button so far to perform taunt. Using the taunt will give you special power, for example Ash will be able to get back one more spell. But beware! Once taunt animation is triggered, you’re vulnerable to attack, so enemy can quickly use this advantage. So you should use the taunt at your own risk.

TRDM team

Easy and hard mode!


Hello Terrordrome fans!

It appears a lot of people are having hard time progressing in the game because of the hard difficulty AI . Some people can’t beat Pinhead or some can’t even beat the first character they encounter. We would like to change this situation in the next version 2.10. A lot of people suggested making the difficulty selector. We thought it wasn’t possible due outdated game engine, but it appears our coder Brad still can surprise us. He managed to make the difficulty selector. Take a look at the picture. After choosing the character, you’ll be able to choose the difficulty.

There is only one difference between Easy and Hard AIs, the Easy AI is less aggressive than Hard AI. What does it mean? It means that the Easy AI will be standing more without doing anything, giving you more opportunity to hit the enemy. But please note that both AI still share the same coding, which means the Easy AI can do the same combos what Hard AI can. In that case we’ll most likely redo a little all AIs, to make them working something between Easy and Hard, so it will be only about choosing aggressiveness.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

TRDM team

A new version is coming.



Hello Terrordrome fans!

As it was said in the previous post, here’s a little teaser of what comes next. The next patch will fix some bugs and add little goodies like this one: Freddy’s Claws from prototype of Terrordrome. Stay tuned.

The story mode is almost finished!

Good news! All storymode pictures are finished (except the ones where I need one more people to appear. No more volunteers?)
This means storymode is now reality. Also every ending is connected to another. they’re not alternative endings with no meaning. They complete themselves to form a full story. You will need to finish some other character endings to understand the story better. Now working on credits… the end is near. ~Fabien

In game move list!


So you guys going to like this next new feature for TRDM now when you pause the game you will be greted with the current characters move list!!! ~ AcidSama