Land of Labyrinth vs Terrordrome 2


Well hello there!

I wanted to talk about why I chose to make another game instead of directly starting TRDM2. Here are the reasons why:

While I certainly enjoyed making TRDM, it also took me about 9 years of my spare time and I really felt like “taking a break” before jumping onto a sequel. Also, the way I work on games start with a lot of time spent only thinking about what the next project will be and searching ideas around it. I had this concept of Land of Labyrinth while TRDM was being completed and felt like this could be the next commecial project of my company. I thought it would be nice to explore other universes that I also love (Fantasy being one of them) and it would give me the time to think and gather ideas for TRDM2. So even though I know there are a lot of people craving for a TRDM sequel, I still need the time to prepare it technically and artistically to deliver the best possible game.

Right now, I’m in the middle of LoL Production but I already have nice ideas for TRDM2 and I will continue to explore them while I’m developing Land of Labyrinth at the same time. So please help me support this new project and you’ll be automatically supporting TRDM2 in the process. I’m in the final stages of preparing a Kickstarter campaign for Land of Labyrinth, with a nice description and video. I’m still working on the rewards (digital and also physical) which is IMO one of the hardest part of the campaign. Maybe you can help me by talking about your previous backer experience and what do you expect from video game projects and their perks in Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

I’ll keep posting more stuff in the next days about this project, so stay with me!

Survey results!


TRDM2 survey results:

2 weeks after posting the thread “Original vs Copycat” here are the results of the answers collected. 91 answers is good enough to have an idea what people think. This kind of survey is useful as it helps us refining TDRM2 concept.
Regarding a game featuring horror movie icons it comes as not surprise that a majority of people wants the real deal, they want the original, the licensed characters.
The other half are alright with alternative options like have copycat characters or a custom system to (re)-create your favorite character.
As I already stated before, obtaining various popular licenses at the same time is way out of reach. Terrordrome has been around for some time now, any big company could have reproduce the concept by now, yet it didn’t happen, and I assume you all know the reasons why (I’m not gonna go throught the subject all over again). This is why Terrordrome 1 exist, to give people the opportunity to play with the real deal, for free, since there is little chance this very concept comes to life in a commercial way.
So what Terrordrome2 will be about? There seems to be a lot of people who see it as some kind of remake or recreating the same game with fancier graphics (and more licensed characters). But as I stated in an old interview years ago, when I created TRDM I had in mind I could take it further with other movie genre mixed in. I imagined having guys like Terminator, alien, Snake plissken in an extended ultimate version of TRDM.
So what we intend to do with the sequel is headed to a cross-over genre fighting game. Whenever it will be possible to have classics like Frankestein or Dracula, we will add them with a very personal flavor. As for licensed characters, we want to have the customization system, from there people will be able to reproduce their favorite slasher guy, crazy clown type or anything weird enough to compete against crazier opponent.
THEN, if things go right, why not raise a crowdfunding to add a specific character that the custom sytem wouldn’t be able to manage closely enough to the source material?
Untill then, stay tuned as we’re working on Land of Labyrinth, an adventure-survival fantasy game. Hopefully the game will be out by the end this year and provide the team with sufficient financial ressources to fully get TRDM2 project on track!

Saturday the 14th

Original vs Copycat, we need your opinion!
Hi TerrorFans, as we’re in a brainstorming phase for TRDM 2, we’d like to know your opinion about the importance you give to the authenticity of popular characters such as Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger.
TRDM featured characters from very popular horror franchise. People were able to play as their favorite horror Icon. That’s why the game always remained free.
With TRDM2, we would like to create a commercial game with the same spirit as the first game but we certainly can’t afford to buy every character licenses featured in TRDM (remember or re-read one of my previous comment “My take on Terrordrome and the video game industry”.
So the question is, how important to you is to play as your favorite character in a game? Does it have to be the real deal (the authentic licensed character and storyline), or are you happy with a character that has similar appearance to the original (parody, look alike, customized model).
Let us know what is relevant for you in this one question survey:
And leave us a comment please, together we’ll try to create the best horror fighting game in the market!

Happy New Year! VERY EARLY WIP of TRDM2.


If you’re reading this, we have to inform you that Slenderman is not going to be used in the sequel because he’s a copyrighted character.

Happy New Year guys.

I know I’m a little bit late but hey, here it goes!
I wish I had more things to show, but we’ve been struggling with a nasty bug inside Unity that prevented us to make nice screenshots or videos of Land Of Labyrinth. But we might have fixed the problem recently and hopefully I will be able to show some interesting things very soon.
So we decided we could upload some VERY EARLY WIP of TRDM2. What you see here is of course subject to change, besides as you can see there still are no textures, lighting or anything, this is straight outta of the sculpting software and not finished at all.
Now, do you wanna play a game?  Who do you think these characters might be and what do you think of them?