LoL Project gets a name, a face and a poster!


Hello everyone. It’s time to reveal a little bit more details about our current project with a Poster-teaser. That’s right LoL doesn’t stand for “laughing out loud” but for Land Of Labyrinth. The upcoming game of our team.
The title says it all, LoL is an Fantasy adventure game that takes you on a journey through labyrinthic landscapes, starring Sven as the main character.
Ever wonder what it feels like to get lost in a gigantic maze populated with fantastic creatures? I do, and this is the reason why I created this game.
Indeed Jim Henson‘s”Labyrinth” movie has been my primary source of inspiration but also the interactive books from the Black Eye collection (very popular in Europe in the 80’s), Tolkien’s Lords of the Ring and all about these mystical worlds featured in books and films.
At this point We have an Alpha of our first level and it’s already fun to play.
Although the game seems like a classical 3rd person action game at first glance, it doesn’t really use any of the popular formulas of Fantasy adventure games. It’s not an RPG, it’s not a MMORPG or RTS (or any other acronyms) though it seems to share some similarities with Dungeon games.
Because of these reasons the game is a bit experimental and as we build it we test it along the way, we change and adapt things, refining the game to get the best of a labyrinth experience.
What can you expect from Land Of Labyrinth? It’s primary an adventure game that put your sense of direction to the test.
The game is divided in several levels, each one of them with a unique themed decoration.
There is a stealth system as well as a fighting system since both skills are requiered to complete the levels.
And there are also many different creatures, but not all of them are foes; secret to be found, special items, magic, and much more!
We will launch a Kickstarter campaign once we have our first level nearly completed so we can show some gameplay videos.

At first, I just wanted to introduce the hero but I eventually ended up creating this poster.
I hope you’ll like it. C&C welcome!

Jeff Wheaton


I just wanted to point out that we have awesome fans right here and around the world. People who supported the project all the way from the beginning and others who got involved by giving us feedbacks, positive and negative comments (both are of a great help) not mentioning those who reported lists of bug so we could continuously improve the game.
One of them is certainly Jeff Wheaton whose Metal band Clairvius track: “Immortal Truth (Instrumental version)” can be heard in the credits of Terrordrome.
He also made a generous donation of 500$ to the team last month! I will see how much this can help to print a small batch of TRDM T-shirts since some people showed interest in getting one of these.
Jeff, thanks again bro, we love you 🙂

Don’t forget to check his FB page out:!/clairviusband


Here we are! We have just finished the integration of the story mode. Halloween is near… I want to thank everyone who send us their photos. We didn’t have a lot of pictures to choose, nevertheless we chose the best ones. We even put four photos instead of two.

And the winners are:
Pawel Dzierzanowski, Thrash!Lobo, Nicolas Pinto and Nia Marin.

They will appear in Ghostface’s ending.

More volunteers needed!


So I need 2 or 3 “actors” to appear in some ending pictures. Why not you instead of guys picked on random internet photographies?
You need to do 2 posing photos with good resolution. you must look as an adult betweeen 16-40.
2 sketches of what is needed have been posted.

– in the first you will enjoy something like a trophy. Do not overplay, be natural. You can look a bit sadistic or psycho if you want but try to be credible.
If your object is some slasher relic it’s nice, but you can take a book, a box, a sphere, a chainsaw, a mask….
– in the second you will face a menace. Again be natural. You fear the menace, you’re surprised, but it isn’t terror !

Then we’ll choose which photos fit the best.
You must have the 2 correct footages. You can’t appear just in one picture. Must be in both.

You can send your photos to
precise PHOTOS in the title of your mail.

don’t know how much time it will last before we choose. Depends of how much I receive. If nothing fits I will choose some random internet guys
But I will keep you informed and give the winners on this page. 🙂