Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update May 2020

We are that this moment done with all the content that’ll be available for early access as we have finish our official alternate colours.
Now it is time for us to continue polishing and fine tuning the game until it’s ready.
Also we need to spend some time creating our next vlog and the trailers but we’re happy with the progress we’ve made this month.

New Terrordrome Merchandise!

A lot of you have been asking after the Kickstarter, how can they help? How can they donate to make Terrordrome better.
We realised this was important to you and we didn’t want to take money without giving back something in return so we launched a Terrordrome Store on Teesspring.
Although there isn’t much to choose from right now we plan to expand with more merch in the future, please check out our store here.


Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update April 2020

We have made great progress this month as we are almost at the early access finish line but due to recent global events and the time steam takes to evaluate our game we can’t be certain that we’ll have the game out this month but we have other development info we’d like to share.
Bloody Mary’s home stage with it’s music which we will soon share has now been finalised and finished. alternate colours are now in development for after we release the game.
Also we are working on new Terrordrome merchandise for you and we plan to keep updating our merch as much as we can.


Bloody Mary’s Home Stage First Look

As Friday The 13 is a special day for horror fans we decided to share the last stage that will be released within the first version of Early Access. This is Mary’s home stage and is in the reflection dimension where all of her memories around her solidify and became corrupt from her bloody filled emotions.

Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update March 2020

We tried to add a repository system into Unity last month and it ended up spending all of the time trying to get it to work wasting precious time for something that we thought would really help us getting on top of things so really reverted back to what we had, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

As you can see in our recent post we started developing Neverman’s stage and we’re doing some usual bug fixes.

Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update February 2020

. Bloody Mary is almost finished and just needs a few more animations and to add the sounds to be added before lastly doing some rigorous bug testing

. Neverman’s gameplay teaser trailer is in development

. Finally we’re on our way to give you guys a Terrordrome Development vlog on our YouTube channel which will discuss our plans For Terrordrome and a detailed look into Alex Van Helsing