Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update February 2020

. Bloody Mary is almost finished and just needs a few more animations and to add the sounds to be added before lastly doing some rigorous bug testing

. Neverman’s gameplay teaser trailer is in development

. Finally we’re on our way to give you guys a Terrordrome Development vlog on our YouTube channel which will discuss our plans For Terrordrome and a detailed look into Alex Van Helsing

Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends development update January 2020

. Bloody Mary’s animations for Unleashes and Death Sentences are almost finished and is in a playable state.
. The 3D model for T.H.I.S has been made and is ready to rig and we’ll show him off at a later date.
. The stage Helsing’s Arcade is a Work in Progress as we got to fix some of the area and add some new arcade cabinets.
. And we have 2 new tracks being made, one for Mary’s home stage and one for Neverman’s home stage.
. Progress for the Youtuber build has been slow but we’re determined to get it out there once we clear as much bugs as possible.
Happy New Year


New model for Mary

As we are finalising Neverman’s integration as we speak and has been a long time since our last post, we wanted to share the model for Bloody Mary as she will be the next character we develop before early access.
Have a bloody good day


3 New music tracks!

Today we would like to share 3 official music tracks from Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends composed by Michal Ratkowski. Please be sure to check out the tracks on our YouTube channel.
Thank you



Huracan studio introduces TerrorTales. TerrorTales is a collection of short horror stories around the Terrordrome Universe. With these readings you’ll get acquainted with some the characters of Terrordrome – Reign of the legends but also with other things that interract in the same universe. TerrorTales is a great way to get familiar with the “Terror-Verse” while the game is still under production and make for entertaining short reads.