Kickstarter delayed for end of April, demo around the corner

Hey Terror-people, as we work hard on our demo and now that the quality has increased to a satisfactory level, we felt like we had to push back our KS campaign for one more month in order to work on marketing and promotional content. We want to give ourselves the best chance to succeed and for that we need just a little bit more time. So now the new Kickstarter date is set for the end of April.
The demo will have 2 playable characters: Frankenstein vs Sasquatch. We’re currently making sure it’s fun to play and getting rid of glitches and infinites as much as possible.
And we will finally reveal the first 8 characters to you very soon.
We want to apologize for the lack of news lately with this exclusive new stage concept art. Let’s see if you guys can guess who’s stage this is!
Remember you can also stay in touch with us on a regular basis via our channel on DISCORD and we have recently created a new Twitter account just for Terrordrome – Reign of the Legends:


Discord link:

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