Land of Labyrinth vs Terrordrome 2


Well hello there!

I wanted to talk about why I chose to make another game instead of directly starting TRDM2. Here are the reasons why:

While I certainly enjoyed making TRDM, it also took me about 9 years of my spare time and I really felt like “taking a break” before jumping onto a sequel. Also, the way I work on games start with a lot of time spent only thinking about what the next project will be and searching ideas around it. I had this concept of Land of Labyrinth while TRDM was being completed and felt like this could be the next commecial project of my company. I thought it would be nice to explore other universes that I also love (Fantasy being one of them) and it would give me the time to think and gather ideas for TRDM2. So even though I know there are a lot of people craving for a TRDM sequel, I still need the time to prepare it technically and artistically to deliver the best possible game.

Right now, I’m in the middle of LoL Production but I already have nice ideas for TRDM2 and I will continue to explore them while I’m developing Land of Labyrinth at the same time. So please help me support this new project and you’ll be automatically supporting TRDM2 in the process. I’m in the final stages of preparing a Kickstarter campaign for Land of Labyrinth, with a nice description and video. I’m still working on the rewards (digital and also physical) which is IMO one of the hardest part of the campaign. Maybe you can help me by talking about your previous backer experience and what do you expect from video game projects and their perks in Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

I’ll keep posting more stuff in the next days about this project, so stay with me!

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