Terrordrome the game supports multiplayer feature. In order to try play multiplayer, we recommend doing the following steps or watching this video:


Before trying multiplayer, we recommend installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, which can be downloaded here (x86 – 32bit version)(For Windows 32 bit) and here (x64- 64bit version) (For Windows 64 bit). You will also need .Net Framework 4.0, which can be downloaded from here. Without them TerrorPort might just not launch.


Launch “Terrordrome Launcher” shortcut which should be on your desktop. If it’s not there then go to installation folder of Terrordrome game (By default this is /Program Files/HuracanStudio/TerrordromeTheGame) and find a file named “Launcher.exe”. Double click it.


In the launcher, click either  “Start Online Multiplayer Client” or “Start Online Multiplayer Client with Joystick to Keyboard Support” depending on if you use your keyboard or controller.



Two windows should appear, the smaller one should look like this:


Write your Nickname and description (not necessary) here.

We advise you to not change anything in the “Mode” tab apart from choosing “Host” or “Client”.

  • If you choose the Host, you will be able to play with everyone on the server.
  • If you choose the Client, you will only be able to play with Hosts, and the Server’s creator.

If you think you set everything, click OK.


Now you should see the window with users and chat screen, like this one:


Now, you should be able to play with other Terrordrome players. The following numbers mean:

  1. Players list.
  2. Yellow highlight which means rest mode.
  3. Chat screen.
  4. Re-login.
  5. Play single player mode.
  6. Enter Rest mode.

Here are tips how to navigate in this window:

  • If you want to play with someone, right click on his nickname and choose “Fight”. If there’s no response, you should try to relogin, usually it helps.
  • It is recommended to ping someone first. If the ping is above 200, the game will be unplayable. If you can’t ping someone, we recommend re-logging.
  • To rest, click rest button (right bottom corner) or type “/rest”. If you’re in rest mode, no one can fight you, nor you can.
  • It is recommended to have good Internet connection in order to have lagless gameplay and both players living in the same continent or country. For example European can play with American, as long as someone has a very good Internet connection, otherwise it won’t work.

Video version: