New Patreon Tiers

we have created 2 new tiers on our patreon page,

Tier 3 is at $10 dollars :

With this tier you get all the benefits from Tier 1 and Tier 2. If you don’t currently own the game in your steam library we’ll send you a steam key after your second payment. If you have the game you can get a character T-shirt of your choosing!!

Also as an added bonus for this tier you can view executive W.I.P of how the new character figures are coming along and also art from a comic series being created by Ruben Santino.

Tier 4 is at $20 dollars :

This is for the serious supporters for Terrordrome : Reign of the Legends!!

All the other tier benefits you’ll get a steam key on your first pledge if you don’t currently own the game or you can get a Character T-Shirt of your choosing!! Plus view Ruben’s progress on the Figures and Comics.

The best bonus for this tier you’ll get to participate in on monthly Brainstorming sessions with the team. (Next character moveset ideas, color ideas for characters) no guarantee your idea will make it in to the game BUT If it does you’ll be added to the games final credits as a Co-Designer. Also the team shall help you to make the best of these sessions and give your ideas the best chance to make it through. Otherwise you’ll still be added to the games final credits as an Investor. ~~

This is all for now will have more to come soon!!

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