Version 2.10 has been released! Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween TerrorFans! And Happy New Update with our traditional new release.

The team has gathered for one last effort to bring you this new patch 2.10 which takes the game to a whole new level.

I’ve stated many times that the game was finished and there wouldn’t have any new update, but the team proved me wrong.
Brad, Fab, Pawel and I joined our forces again to bring you the last and Ultimate patch.

Now, a new experience awaits you!

This version brings no new characters but lots of new features:

New moves, new combos, new AI, new modes and TROPHIES!

About Trophies, it’s important to say that they’re not an actual Finisher like in MK, since the intention never was to copy MK.

Trophy is a feature I wanted to add in the early days of this project and the idea behind it is to end the opponent’s life and keep a “souvenir” from him, not necessarily kill him in the most gruesome way.

There is a new Netplay setup, more user-friendly to experience Multiplayer match. And another important addition is a new setup that allows all kind of controllers to work with the game.

And last but not least, we kept chasing and fixed more glitches and bug to have an even smoother experience.

This is the team’s ultimate effort to make this game as refined and complete as possible. We hope you will like it and enjoy it as never before.
It’s the labor of nearly 10 years of work, made during our spare time with all the passion we could pour into it, it’s TERRORDROME! ~ TerrorTeam

A new announcer voice!


Hello Terrordrome fans!

Are you excited for a new patch 2.10? Who aren’t? We’ve got big news for you. We have been contacted recently by a guy who has got a nice voice. He wanted to help us by recording new announcer voice. That’s right, TRDM ver. 2.10 is going to have the new announcer voice!
And remember, we’re releasing the new patch 2.10 on Halloween with all new cool stuff that we have showed so far.

TRDM team

Payback time, bitch!


One of last animations we added to the game. Version 2.10 is 99% completed. We only need to find bugs/glitches and polish stuff.

And here’s poor Mikey…



Hello Terrordrome fans!

It’s high time to reveal another new feature for incoming patch 2.10, taunts! Now you’ll be able to use 6th unused button so far to perform taunt. Using the taunt will give you special power, for example Ash will be able to get back one more spell. But beware! Once taunt animation is triggered, you’re vulnerable to attack, so enemy can quickly use this advantage. So you should use the taunt at your own risk.

TRDM team

Easy and hard mode!


Hello Terrordrome fans!

It appears a lot of people are having hard time progressing in the game because of the hard difficulty AI . Some people can’t beat Pinhead or some can’t even beat the first character they encounter. We would like to change this situation in the next version 2.10. A lot of people suggested making the difficulty selector. We thought it wasn’t possible due outdated game engine, but it appears our coder Brad still can surprise us. He managed to make the difficulty selector. Take a look at the picture. After choosing the character, you’ll be able to choose the difficulty.

There is only one difference between Easy and Hard AIs, the Easy AI is less aggressive than Hard AI. What does it mean? It means that the Easy AI will be standing more without doing anything, giving you more opportunity to hit the enemy. But please note that both AI still share the same coding, which means the Easy AI can do the same combos what Hard AI can. In that case we’ll most likely redo a little all AIs, to make them working something between Easy and Hard, so it will be only about choosing aggressiveness.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

TRDM team

A new version is coming.



Hello Terrordrome fans!

As it was said in the previous post, here’s a little teaser of what comes next. The next patch will fix some bugs and add little goodies like this one: Freddy’s Claws from prototype of Terrordrome. Stay tuned.

Terrordrome version 1.0

Menu pro

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time for many of you, here is a video of TRDM 0, the prototype, the thing that started it all a decade ago.
This video take us back to 2005 when the very first version of the game came out! Horror mixed with laughter I’d say if we consider the totally out-dated graphic quality!
This is before the Terrordrome game you guys know and play now. It’s a 2 characters demo and looks quite funny compared to the actual final version! We’ve come a long way!
Grab your pop-corn and enjoy :-).