Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update August 2021

First off we added another tier to the Patreon in which Exclusive art by the Lead Marc is shown just for you!

We’re also in development on writing our forth Vlog in which we go more into detail.
After the Vlog we’ll add new cabinets to the arcade and start the next stage.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have an Artist on our team by the name of Ruban Santino.
Ruban will be helping us with Comics and Figures! And his work is available to view for patrons Tier 3 and above.

And remember none of this will be possible without patrons which is why we’re pushing this so much.
If you want to be part of Terrordrome History and want us to succeed in our dreams please consider donating!



New Patreon Tiers

we have created 2 new tiers on our patreon page,

Tier 3 is at $10 dollars :

With this tier you get all the benefits from Tier 1 and Tier 2. If you don’t currently own the game in your steam library we’ll send you a steam key after your second payment. If you have the game you can get a character T-shirt of your choosing!!

Also as an added bonus for this tier you can view executive W.I.P of how the new character figures are coming along and also art from a comic series being created by Ruben Santino.

Tier 4 is at $20 dollars :

This is for the serious supporters for Terrordrome : Reign of the Legends!!

All the other tier benefits you’ll get a steam key on your first pledge if you don’t currently own the game or you can get a Character T-Shirt of your choosing!! Plus view Ruben’s progress on the Figures and Comics.

The best bonus for this tier you’ll get to participate in on monthly Brainstorming sessions with the team. (Next character moveset ideas, color ideas for characters) no guarantee your idea will make it in to the game BUT If it does you’ll be added to the games final credits as a Co-Designer. Also the team shall help you to make the best of these sessions and give your ideas the best chance to make it through. Otherwise you’ll still be added to the games final credits as an Investor. ~~

This is all for now will have more to come soon!!



today we have announced combo trials and our Patreon!
This Patreon will out Brad continue to develop the game further and all the money within this goes right back into the game.
If you want to donate and help out like you did in the Kickstarter, Please  support us on our new Patreon. thank you.


Terrordrome Anniversary Stream!

Tune in tomorrow 12pm CDT for the first ever Terrordrome anniversary stream on our new official Terrordrome TV twitch channel!
In this stream our Programming lead Brad Anderson will be going through Mr Hyde and will be revealing a new game mode he has been tireless working on in his spare time.
Also we will be revealing other goodies too!


Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update July 2021

With the Release of Mr Hyde we are now deciding to focus more on the stages as we can give them much more personality and identity.

We’re in the works with Mr Hyde’s home stage which will be Dr Jekyll’s laboratory.

We’re also going back to Helsing’s Arcade stage to install some new cabinets (but be warned, one is very dangerous and we advise you to not look into the screen for too long)

After this we want to go back to Mary’s stage to add some background ghosties.

Mr Hyde joins the Terrordrome!

Dr Jekyll sends his regards!

Mr Hyde the manic, crazy and damn right violent powerful split personality of Dr Jekyll has joined the Terrordrome!
In this update now out! You will be able to play Mr Hyde with his cigar, belt on one hand and whiskey on the other.

Neverman also has his second Unleash added too!

Dracula First Look!

“I want you to believe… to believe in things you can not.”
Bram Stoker

Here’s our official model of the son of the dragon himself.
Dracula is far down one of the most famous monsters of all time but with modern times he seems to be on top with his immortality and knowledge throughout time to control his human stock.

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update June 2021

Hyde is coming along nicely as we only need to add a few things left and fix some of his bugs but we’re also working on a new in game rendering system at the same time which has slowed down the progress, but we’re pretty sure Hyde will be available this month.

Dracula’s model is in the middle of the rigging phase, making sure we give him some dental surgery whilst we’re at it

Wendigo’s model is still a work in progress.

Finally we plan on making another Vlog after Hyde’s release explaining more depth on the game’s development and what are next steps are.