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Happy Halloween!
For this special day of the year, we’d like to celebrate it by introducing the new logo for Terrordrome2, as the project is back on track! The whole TerrorTeam is back together to work on a killer sequel. We have hinted at this project several times before but not everyone on the team was fully available at the time, facing private life issues and other challenges. But now the team is ready to dive into this new project.  While we were releasing patches for TRDM1 we’ve also been preparing TRDM2 for quiet a long time, and after many hours of brainstorming and talks we are now back in pre-production phase. It means that the first characters are being modelled in their final version as we speak. These will be the first characters featuring in the demo that we intend to pull-off next year. We will fund this demo ourselves until we are ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign. With the support of the many fans of TRDM1 and some luck, we could potentially turn this into a kick ass fighting game. We envision it as a true successor to TRDM1 but with a different twist. We will be careful at disclosing informations and details this time as we have good reason to think concepts and ideas are easily stolen in this industry…
We’ll be using Unity 3D engine and UFE module (Universal fighting engine) and top notch models and animations. We have the experience of fighting game, we have the tools, we are motivated and are willing to deliver the best horror fighting game ever, no less!
Stay tuned! 😀

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  1. Boogeyman 1320
    Boogeyman 1320 says:

    I’m so excited for this game.I can’t wait. Could you tell me more about what characters are plannet for terrordrome 2. I know Slenderman and Frankenstein’s monster are in the game

    • Pawel
      Pawel says:

      Hello. Like we have written in the previous post about TRDM2 (You can now click “Terrordrome 2” page to check all TRDM2 posts), we want to use public domain, urban legend and own idea characters. We don’t want to spoil too much though, but you can imagine the incoming roster.

      Ohhh and Slenderman is no more. It appears he’s copyrighted (he has got an owner). Yes, we tried to ask the owner, but we were rejected. But nothing is lost, we’ll try to do something about this subject.

    BRANDON says:

    They should not put slenderman as the game charm me only by characters from classic horror and I would love to put different costumes for the characters would be better if they put the way to the terror, saw, the bloody hills, Elf and end Pennywise mind.

  3. CairoCopper
    CairoCopper says:

    Does the lack of licensed characters mean that the characters from the first game will not make a return? (I couldn’t find a clear answer, so sorry if this question is redundant) If it does, it’s sad but ultimately understandable and expected.

  4. Adam
    Adam says:

    Holy shit, just learned of the first one today. Love what you did with Candyman. You dont hear much from him in the horror genre and I always thought he was pretty iconic.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with him in Terrordrome 2. Can’t wait to see the game!

  5. CairoCopper
    CairoCopper says:

    So you’re looking for those old classic horror characters that go waaaay back. Here’s to hoping for Lovecraft, Jekyl and Hyde, and Edgar Allen Poe! Does this also mean you’ll have characters that are basically stand ins for horror tropes? Like a character who represents Werewolves and one that could cover slasher villains?

    • Pawel
      Pawel says:

      It’s gonna be more like a mix of public domain characters, urban legends and own ideas. But yes, very old classics are considered too, yet obviously not everyone can be included. It’s a matter of a crowfunding campaign whether it is or not successful.

    BRANDON says:

    Pennywise expected but everything by copyright could at least put leprachaun to make him face chucky and also legends of Mexican horror as the black charro Moaning nahual the chupacabras but in future updates

  7. TheFVguy
    TheFVguy says:

    So it seems its a mix-up between public-domain and original characters. For suggestions:

    -Mr Hyde from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    -Frankestein’s monster
    -The Golem (1915)
    -Bloody Mary
    -La Llorona (Mexican Legend)
    -Robert the Doll

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