The Vault section is the home of forgotten assets from older versions of Terrordrome and also the place where you will find material never released before, from behind the scene images to concepts that never made it to the final version. Take a look at stuffs that we removed and others that could have been included (but did not for some reasons).

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Cinematic finishers:

This is probably the most interesting cancelled feature, the cinematic animations for Finishers. Lot of material was already produced before I realized it would require an insane amount of work because of all the possible combinations between all the characters and the way they would end with the opponent’s life. It instantly represented lot of work of integration in the engine since every frame and a complex scripting would have been required to create a full sequence between 2 characters. They never made it to any version and the whole concept was scrapped. Here we have reproduced all the possible sequences in animated Gifs just for you!


Before Terrordrome V.2 and all its iterations, there was a first draft of the game, a prototype that started it all: Terrordrome V.1.

The same engine was used (Fighter Maker 2002). At the time, my skills in 3D modelling and animation were pretty recent compared to now thus leading to a funnier and more clunky version. It had only 2 playable characters (Jason was in development) and 3 stages although some material created at the time made their way up to TRDM V.2. You can watch a gameplay video right here.
Development and behind the scene:

During the production of the game, there were many iterations done for the characters, stages and animations. Here you can see some raw material and work in progress never shown before.

Unused animations


Undead Jason

Classic Jason





Herbert West



Tall man

Dr. Hill

Female cenobite




Spike cenobite


Matt Cordell

Michael Myers

Scrapped Jason


old Jason





Pennywise – unused character

Jeepers Creepers – unused character


Scrapped monster – Herbert West was supposed to summon that creature.


Unfinished 1

Unfinished 2

Miskatonic Lab

Cabrini Green

Myers House




High School




Pumpkin Forest

MENU pictures

Scrapped stuff from previous versions of Terrodrome