Version 2.9.5 has been released!

Finally it’s release time for Version 2.9.5

Here is the patch notes for this version

-NEW netplay Client based off of Telepone MTSP

-Minior Fixes to Hit Sparks

-Fixed issue were Herbert West freezes after helper hit VS. Pumpkinhead or Mid Air Opponent

-Fixed Block Infinite with Herbert West and also Acid Bottle Infinte vs Leatherface

-Fixed missing sound on Pumpkinhead losing (causing music to turn off)

-Added more recovery to Pumpkinhead’s Unleashed 1

-Added more recovery to Pumpkinhead’s crouch kick

-Addded more recovery to Pinhead’s crouch punch

-Chucky’s AIr Nail Gun no longer causes hard knockdown

-New Move for Tallman Sphere Saw Rush command in pause menu

-Fixed issue for Tallman’s Telegrab was causing infinite on characters except Leatherface

-Fixed issue for when Tallman’s Telegrab cancelled out when hit by a Sphere Mine(Tallman Frozen)

-Fixed issue that would cause a dizzy state instend of pulling out a arrow VS mid air arrow hit

-Added Wall Bounce after Classic Jason Anti Air Fork (Combo Possibities)

-Fixed issues where Pumpkinhead’s Earthqukae stomp won’t hit a opponent from far if walking backwards

-Made Myers Unleashed 1 have 4 hits at ending for style changes (Damage the same)

-Fixed issue when Ghostface calls helper when back to corner helper now runs on proper side

-Fixed issue that would cause Matt Cordell to have infinte helpers

-Matt Cordell can no longer cancel crouch kick to taser

-Fixed issue that when using pause and pressing Kick+S.Weapon+Select buttons reset feature combo numbers display from last combo in verse or training

-Made Candyman’s Teleport Dive command work in Air becomes a Diving Attack

-Candyman’s Jump Weapon Attacks now cancel to Air Diving Attack

-Classic Jason can now cancel to his weapon swtich from Normal Attacks

-Leatherface’s Trap now comes out faster

-General fixes to moves causing too much push back

-Candyman and Tallman Arrow Pull out longer (Kyle O’Neil)

-One last thing the install folder is now Terrordrome_Final version numbers will not be included

Game Installer:
The link is outdated!

Optional Install Terrordrome Related Profile Backgrounds for netplay

The link is outdated!

Just rename to ProfileBG.png and put in your online\rsrc folder

And also it looks like the wins and lose are just personal records they are not seen by other players

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