Version 2.9.7 has been released!

Finally able to get this new update out this makes the game version go to 2.9.7

Here is the fixes in this update

– Made general fixes on collion and attack frames

– Extended time for being invulnerable while using dodge of Candyman, Tallman and Herbert West

– Extended defense frames for Chucky’s dodge animation to match his standing frames

– Pinhead’s second unleashed move now takes less damage

– Pinhead’s first unleashed move takes more damage now

– Added a new run strong weapon attack for Herbert West

– Added a new special move for Leatherface (Spin Rush)

– Added a new special move for Leatherface (Throw Hammer)

– Added a new special move for Ghostface (Rush Stab)

– Little changes for Tallman sphere weak weapon (crouch one too)

– Added two new unused animations for Tallman (can you find them ? )

– Added run attacks for Classic Jason

– Added unused animation for Classic Jason (run weak weapon)

– Added the second start pose for Undead Jason

Remember you must have version 2.9.6 to run this version

How to update version 2.9.7 from a clean install or new install

First install 2.9.5 The link is outdated!

Then install patch for version 2.9.5 to 2.9.6
The link is outdated!

Then you can download version 2.9.6 to 2.9.7
The link is outdated!

If your having issues with the current netplay client you can revert back to the old version

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