Hello there Terror-Fans!

Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends game is slowly but steadily being developed. While we are making the game, we would like to hear from you what characters you would like to see in the next our game! Detailed answers will be very appreciated.

You can write your ideas here or on our Facebook fanpage.

Be warned though! We are not considering any licensed characters. As the game’s title hints, the focus departs from horror movie licensed characters to a wider variety of popular characters rooted in cultural myth and legends as well as classic horror literature figures.

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  1. Donald123
    Donald123 says:

    Here is a great list of almost 200 public domain, completely free to use, characters from literature and legends:


    Some of the more interesting characters:

    Dracula, Frankensteins Monster, The Mummy, Satan (!), Death (Grim Reaper) and my favorite, Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. Think of the possibilities with that last one!!!

    Also, any character from George Romero’s film Night of the Living Dead are public domain. Zombies!

    And here is one last interesting idea; the Loch Ness Monster. The character would have to be restricted that all fights are in a “water” level. But it could be different and interesting.

    Good luck with the project!!!! I love Terror Drome.

  2. EmperorCommodus
    EmperorCommodus says:

    I have a few suggestions!
    For starters, there are loads of cryptids and ghosts in the world who, obviously, are public domain. Let me go through a few of them:

    Black Annis – A Witch in English folklore who lives in the woods, and steals the skin of children to wear for herself.
    The Pig Lady – A legend from New Jersey. The Pig Lady was so grotesque that, at birth, her father chopped off a pig’s head and sowed it onto her daughter. Driven mad, she now haunts a lonely road, chasing down anyone who calls her name.
    The Ratman of Southend – Another English monster. They are the spirit of an old man, who was eaten alive by rats and left for dead. His spirit taking on the appearance of a monstrous rat.
    The Melonheads – A myth from Ohio, the Melonheads were part of a shady government experiment, which swelled their heads to monstrous proportions. Now they live in the woods, in secret communities, and hunt down anyone who crosses them.

    Those are just some ideas. But there’s TONS more stuff you guys could do. Like Donald123 mentioned, there are numerous public domain characters you could use. Dorian Grey is a great example – he’s the character who remains young as long as a portrait of him survives.
    Hell, you could even look into real-world figures like Jack the Ripper or the Zodiac Killer. But, for obvious reasons, that might be a bit controversial.

  3. WiiNK_64
    WiiNK_64 says:

    [Killer Klowns from Outer Space Request!]

    Yo! I just found out about Terrordrome thanks to Maximiliondood!! Now I’m really looking forward to the next game to play with my friends (We’re Old School horror fans)

    I would SUPER love to get a character from Killer Klowns from Outer Space! Moveset could be easy to implement using the popcorn gun, Cotton Candy super move, and other clever tricks they do from the movie!

    It would be a great reference to a classic horror film <3

    Keep up the work, can't wait to see the final product of this game!

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