Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends Development Update, October 2022

  • October 26, 2022

Development Continues!

With Dracula now released, our focus has shifted to hot fixes, bug fixes, and balancing. But there is plenty more going on in the background. Let’s take a look!


User Interface changes

Our coders, Brad and Matt, have been working towards updating the menu user interface for the game. We plan to provide a more sleek design and an improved visual presentation within the menus.

Epic Online Services

A lot of work has gone into the inclusion of Crossplay capabilities with Epic Online Services as we plan to put Terrordrome on the Epic Store. We still have plenty of details to work out on this end, so stay tuned.

GGPO Rollback Netcode

As always, the team is progressing with integration of Rollback Netcode. This is an important part of development to improve the current net play and provide a seamless online experience for multiplayer. Some advancements have been made, but it is a task still in development, so keep an eye out for more news in the future.



Since Dracula’s release, we have been gearing up to release the Wendigo hopefully by the coming Winter season. Preferably before the end of 2022. For the time being, the Wendigo is still within the animation phase. However, his animations are coming along well and production of the animations have boosted.

Our lead animator, Marc, has completed many of the Wendigo’s attack animations, including normal attacks and specials. Our junior animator, SkullRabbit, has completed basic reactions for Wendigo, including being hit, blocking, and knockdowns.

We do plan to begin the process of integrating the Wendigo to the game this month, expect to hear more next month

Other Animations

The TerrorTeam has considered the possibility of additional character animations, such as taunts and other miscellaneous features. These have only entered a brainstorming stage and are not in full development. This is primarily due to the other more taxing and important animations to complete first.

Other News


Development on new stages has begun with the primary focus being on the Wendigo’s stage first before focusing on existing character stages. We feel it is important for a character’s identity to have their own stage, so it is important for Wendigo to launch with his stage ready. The Wendigo’s home is planned to be a winter themed forest, ruined and wretched. Something to fit in with the evil coldness this creature is known for. Work on this stage has begun.

Frankenstein and the White Lady’s stages will also be developed after Wendigo’s stage is ready, however we do not have an estimated time for when these can be complete. They are still early in conceptualizing.

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack’s model has been completed and is ready for rigging. The Invisible Man’s model is still in development so we have made the decision to begin work on Spring Heeled Jack after the Wendigo’s completion.

Here is an updated preview of this jumping maniac!

Thanks again for continuing to follow us and support our game.
– The TerrorTeam