Terrordrome: Reign Of The Legends Development Update, November 2022

  • November 1, 2022

Some setbacks

If you have been following us on Twitter and our discord, you would know we recently suffered from a security breach. Luckily, no damage was done to the game. Unfortunately, this has thrown off our scheduling for a Halloween update. Update 18 will be coming soon. We apologize for the delay. Outside of our next update, here is what we’ve got going on in the background!


Unity UpgradePreviously, our game engine ran in Unity 2021. We have updated the projects engine to improve our work flow and avoid strange glitches we were experiencing with the past engine. Players may notice slight changes to visuals, and we are expecting to see new issues arise from this. We will do our best to monitor for bugs that may occur and advise players to report any found to the discord.

Terrordrome WebsitePart of the security breach affected our game website. We are currently putting time towards rebuilding our website. Along side this, our new discord server is building up again and we welcome all players to join.


WendigoWendigo is in the final stages of animation. Almost all of the Wendigo’s moves are complete, and mostly what is left to animate are reactions to grabs and unleashed attacks. We plan to have a testable version of the Wendigo ready sometime next month for the Patreon build.

Spring Heeled Jack

Animations for Spring Heeled Jack has begun. Specifically, reaction animations such as blocking and getting hit. It is still possible to join in the brainstorming sessions for move ideas for this character if interested!

Other News

New User Interface
As mentioned in our previous development blog, our next update will include a new user interface and main menu design. The design has called for us to step away from other aspects of the game, such as balancing, bug fixes, and new characters. New artwork is being produced for the menus, and you will be seeing these soon. We believe you will enjoy them! Once Update 18 is finalized, we can continue to integrate new content and patches.


Two new stages are currently in development,

The Realm of Agony

The Realm of Agony is a morbid creation of the White Lady, fully displaying the tormenting sorrows of her twisted mind for all to see. Death and suffering remain in view for miles upon the horizon. The Realm of Agony acts as the home stage of The White Lady.

Winter Forest

The Winter Forest is located at the abandoned remains of a once pleasant homestead to settlers in the mountain range. The inhabitants of the cabin appear to be gone, perhaps succumbing to the harsh elements of the cold, or maybe influenced by a hungry spirit haunting the woods. The Winter Forest acts as the home stage of the Wendigo.

These stages are scheduled to release along side The Wendigo.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man’s model has been completed! Here is a preview of his model, The Invisible Man will act as the twelfth addition to the base game’s roster. We can also confirm that preparation for animation has begun. The character model has been rigged and is ready to have reaction animations complete after Spring Heeled Jack.

As always, the team appreciates all who follow and play the game. We are excited to coming closer to bringing you a completed game each and every day, We hope you had a great Halloween, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!

– The TerrorTeam