Terrordrome: Reign Of The Legends Development Update: December 2022

  • December 1, 2022

Happy Holidays from the Terror Team
This year has been pretty big for us. 2 new stages and music tracks, Dracula in game, some important gameplay changes, being a part of Evo’s indie game showcase, and much more. Admittedly, this past month has been a bit tough on the team as we have run into some unexpected setbacks. The team has run into issues while coding that must be resolved, and most of us have all fallen ill through the month. However, we still have some exciting things to show you this month!


Rollback Progress
Our coders Brad and Matt have put some time into our current netcode. We understand that this is an important element for any fighting game, and it is still a high priority.
Without getting into the specific details, we are inching ever closer to having proper rollback implemented within the game. Currently, we have had some success with the progress yet still run into some de-synchronization within the connection. We believe we may have some solutions and we are looking to test them out soon.

Input Recording
Recently, Brad has been able to find a solution to proper input recording. This allows for recording of frames in game that can then be played back by the player. A feature similar to this has already existed within our training mode, however this new method provides much more reliable results. This could also prove useful for allowing combo trials in the future and perfect input recording for practicing against certain techniques in training mode.


The Wendigo
The Wendigo’s animations are just nearly complete. With almost all attack animations and reactions complete, we believe that the animations will be completed this month. Due to our aforementioned setbacks, this task has taken longer than expected as we have missed out on several days of work.

As a result, our coders have not yet began implementing this character into the game. Upon completion of all animations, the character can begin to be integrated into the game.

We were hoping to have this character ready before the new year, but it looks like we may not be able to reach that goal unfortunately.

The team has also decided that the Wendigo will be a beastly creature, mostly consisting of screeches, shrieks, and screams. Yet, there will be some semblance of what sounds like spoken word. Is it possible there’s something left of the person inside, or has the starving spirit fully taken over? Voice acting for this character has begun, and if you follow us closely, you may actually know the voice behind this monstrous giant.

Spring Heeled Jack
Spring Heeled Jack’s reaction animations have begun. Work on this character is mostly limited to simple and quick animations as The Wendigo is finalized. Here are some previews of early work in progress reactions.

The Invisible Man
At this time, The Invisible Man has been rigged. No true animation progress has begun yet for this character as we focus on Wendigo and Spring Heeled Jack. Concepts for the Invisible Man’s stage has begun.

One thing we can say about Invisible Man is that after completing the animations for Spring Heeled Jack, Invisible Man’s animations should go much more smoothly as we have updated our animation files to only the necessary animations required per character.

Sadly, we do not have much else to share with you. Apologies for the delays in progress. We are still actively working on the project. We greatly appreciate all the support we continue to receive and we wish you all a happy holiday season. Until the new year!
– The TerrorTeam