Terrordrome Reign of The Legends Development Update January 2023

  • January 1, 2023

Happy New Year’s From The Terror Team!

This year, we are expecting some big updates and will have much to share in the coming months! For now, lets look at where we are currently!


The Wendigo
Animations for the Wendigo are now complete! Integration of the character for testing purposes in engine are underway. Here’s a quick preview of the Wendigo in engine on his
Home stage!

This character’s voice lines are still being recorded, we’ll have previews to share as we approach this character’s release. This character’s moveset has been finalized, and death sentences have been completed. The main work that is left is to begin integration of the character after this next update, testing for balance and bugs, and polishing visual effects and sounds!

Spring Heeled Jack
Spring Heeled Jack animation progress continues as normal. We are primarily focusing on reaction animations still, as our current attention is focused on preparing the next two stages to release alongside The Wendigo.


The Winter Forest
Currently, the Winter Forest is seeing the most work as of now. Nearly finalized, this stage is still in need of a music track, which we will commission from our amazing composer Michal Ratkowski as we near completion.

The Realm Of Agony
The Realm of Agony has also seen some changes since we have last shown it off. Here is an updated preview for you to see! We have included instruments of torture, and more damned souls that make up the entity that is The Lady in White.

This stage is now finalized and a new music track is underway!

Stage overhauls
The team has also begun testing some improvements to other existing stages, mostly in the form of lighting and some small visual effects. Throughout this month, these overhauls will be getting attention. We do not have much to share in this matter, but thought it’d be nice to mention. More details will be present in this matter next month.

Other News

What To Expect In The Next Update
We thought it would be important to specify that our next update will primarily focus on the new User Interface, Main Menu, Pause Menu, and Character Selection Menu. Along with this comes a variety of bug fixes that the team has encountered during the past few months from the current live build. We are also looking to launch Terrordrome: Reign of The Legends on The Epic Games store in Early Access with the release of the next update.

Because we have yet to finalize these menu changes, unfortunately we have not began to include new content to the game just yet, however work for new content continues as normal. We are still actively working on stages, new music tracks, and character animations at this time. There is just no coding for these assets in-game as of this time.

After the release of the next update focusing on the Menu/User interface, we will begin full integration of the Wendigo and the new stages. We are actively testing this character in engine, and we have began preparing a test build to include this character for patrons to experience as well!

Thanks again for continuing to follow us through this journey! We are expecting to have a busy year!
Happy New Years!

– The TerrorTeam