Terrordrome: Reign of The Legends Development Update: February 2023

  • February 1, 2023

What’s going on?
So we understand that it’s been a while since we’ve had a new update. The UI update is still being tested as we prepare to launch on the Epic Games Store. There are other aspects outside of the menus that we are paying close attention to such as balancing, bug fixes, new camera FOV, and netcode. As it has taken such time, we are merging the new UI update with the Wendigo Release.
This past January, we’ve been working on some new content that will find it’s way into the game. If you missed it, you should check out our new vlog that we uploaded just last week. It contains even more information on the topics you’ll see here! Check it out if you haven’t seen it already!


Three New Fighters

In our recent vlog, we confirmed that the final roster will now include 15 playable fighter. To clarify, these characters have already been decided. These fighters are also unrelated to the proposed DLC roster image that has been floating within our community. We would also like to state that these fighters are original characters that are directly involved with the game’s story mode.

It has come to our attention that we have not been clear in regards to the games “planned” DLC that we made a few years back. We want to make it clear that the proposed DLC characters have never been guaranteed, both in proposed characters or if DLC will be made. The characters listed were initially a representation of what could make it to the game. These proposed characters were brought up during our Kickstarter campaign prior to 2018. In essence, if we were to produce DLC fighters, it has never been set in stone who could appear in game. Currently, our main goal is the completion of Terrordrome: Reign of The Legends on PC and to produce console ports. We do plan to continue to support the game with DLC fighters should the game’s potential success warrant such support. Until then, we do not have any planned fighters for DLC. Apologies for any confusion and if we have disheartened you.


As of now, the Wendigo has gone through quite a few changes. Some aspects of his attacks, animations, and features had to be adjusted to better suit the game. He is a rather difficult character to integrate. This has slowed us down a bit with his development. The Wendigo is currently available to try on the Patreon release of the game. We truly believe he has been worth the wait. We are excited to reveal what this character is capable of in game upon completion. He has some unique properties to him aside from just his size. Currently we are balancing his move set, adjusting hit boxes, and adding sounds.

For a teaser of this fighter, you can view our recent Vlog #5 video.

These past few months, we have shown off two of our new stages in development, the 

Winter Forest and 

The Realm of Agony. These stages are complete and are in a polishing phase. We are also still waiting for music tracks for these stages that we will share when available. Of course as we’ve mentioned before, these stages are planned to release along side the Wendigo.

We have also began work on two new stages that we would like to share with you now! These stages have also been revealed in our vlog, but here are some extra details and updated screenshots.

The Greenhouse

Some might say that Dracula’s Greenhouse is by far the most calming of locations within his estate. Though when seeking solitude inside, others say they can’t shake the feeling they’re not alone. Almost as if someone is watching them. There’s definitely a certain aura that cannot be shaken when in the Greenhouse. The feeling that you’re totally surrounded, and completely outnumbered. What horrors lie just beyond surface can only be seen to believe. The Greenhouse will act as the home stage of the Invisible Man.

The Warehouse

It’s no secret that the Vampires have significant control of the Earth. With such power and influence, what’s stopping them from indulging on their greed and desires. Priceless riches from all across the globe, ancient artifacts from the most remote of locations, lost treasures from Atlantis to Camelot. With such wealth, it can be considered a goldmine for a potential thief. Internal reports indicate a prowler may be responsible for the misplacement of several prized possessions. The Warehouse will act as Spring Heeled Jack’s home stage.

The team would like to clarify that these stage names are still placeholder until we have decided on proper names. We are also looking to release these 2 stages when they are completed. They may also release along side Spring Heeled Jack.

Other News

Camera FOV changes

In our latest engine tests on the game, we have decided to increase the games camera FOV. We felt that this would improve the visual depth on stages and provide a more visually appealing landscape in game. This does directly affect gameplay as well. You will notice that moving into corners of the stages no longer completely follow the characters and will instead go static.

Music Tracks
We have recently commissioned 5 additional stage tracks for upcoming stages. Once all our stages are completed, we hope to release them along side character releases. Having the tracks made sooner rather than later helps with boosting production.

Update Merging
We have decided that it is best to merge the User Interface update with the Wendigo Update. We know that we have been taking a lot more time than we would like to produce these updates, so it made sense to start integrating the Wendigo into an existing update rather than wait until later. There are still a lot of things we need to work on before we can publish this build to the public, so please bear with us.

This year, we are looking to add a lot of content to the game. We’ve got a lot to work on so you can expect quite a few updates these coming monthly blogs. We are working hard to improve our existing content as well. Thanks for sticking with us through this journey, we’ll have more to share next month!

– The TerrorTeam