Terrordrome: Reign of The Legends Development Update: March 2023

  • March 1, 2023

Testing and Modeling

This past month we have been putting our efforts into more new stages, testing the Wendigo, and testing out rollback netcode progress. Let’s give a rundown!


Rollback Netcode Progress
This past month, we have placed a lot of time and effort into trying to add rollback netcode to the game. We are still testing features and this has become a draining task. We are still far from the desired results, however this is a high priority for the team. For the time being, we would like to place this on hold once again as continuing to work on it would mean even more delays on the next update. We will be coming back to this again in the future, hopefully with better results. We are trying our best to deliver on this feature, we apologize for the inconvenience.

User interface Adjustments
We have heavily advertised a new User Interface to be included in our next update. We feel comfortable with how it currently looks, however we do plan to make some more adjustments in the future. We have included various new menu styles for the Main Menu, Pause Menus, Character Selection, Loading Screens, and Match End Screens.

The Wendigo

The Wendigo is essentially complete with the exception of some minor bugs and audio errors. These are simple fixes to manage and we are looking to have some audio recorded again. We will be prioritizing this character’s testing from this point forward as we would like to have a release this month. There are only small additions left before he is ready to be released. We know you will enjoy this beast of a character. Expect a gameplay trailer soon!

We would like to share some progress on two of the new stages, 

Frankenstein’s Sanctuary and 

Underground Laboratory. We have begun developing the base of each stage so they will be ready in the future! These stages are very early in production and still have quite a way to go. Once again, we would like to emphasize these stage names are still subject to change.

Frankenstein’s Sanctuary

After finding himself at a loss of a mission, Frankenstein’s Monster would spend centuries isolated within the arctics. The Monster adopted the name of his father, Frankenstein, and has turned his attention to mimicking humanity. The Monster has sculpted his own architecture, created his own artwork, and has endlessly pondered existence. However, when the Monster’s memory comes flooding back, the programming kicks back in, proving this creation’s one true purpose: Destroy All Vampires. Frankenstein’s Sanctuary will act as Frankenstein’s home stage.

Underground Laboratory

Hidden deep underneath Dracula’s facilities lie multiple testing grounds in which the most diabolical of experiments are conducted. Inhumane projects are all too common while the public are none the wiser. The facility is heavily guarded as Dracula’s top scientists carry out the wishes of their master. What are their goals? Well, perhaps in time it will become more clear. At this time, the Underground Laboratory is not the home stage of any character.

Other News
Since we have merged our planned updates into a larger scale update, we are still looking to fine-tune aspects of the coming update. These include smaller scale items such as bug fixes, UI adjustments, and some stage changes. We are also still producing the music tracks for the 

Winter Forest and 

Realm of Agony. Outside of music tracks, these stages are complete. We are looking forward to sharing more with you next month. Apologies that this month has been light with news. We are shooting to release this next update this month. Until then, thank you!

– The TerrorTeam