Terrordrome: Reign of The Legends Development Update: April 2023

  • April 1, 2023

News on Rollback Netcode advancements, preview of stages, and more!

New Content on The Horizon

We understand we’ve been quiet with updates. There has been a lot of work these past few months outside of characters. We’re gearing up for our next major update. Here’s what we’ve been up to!


The Wendigo

The Wendigo is complete, with any adjustments leading up to the update release only being minor. As always with each character release, we will be vigilant with adjusting bug fixes or balancing with the new character. The Wendigo is subject to these instances more so than other characters due to his unique body type and size. Upon release, please report any bugs related to this character.

Rollback Netcode Success

In Last Month’s development blog, the team mentioned putting a pause on rollback netcode progress after seemingly stagnating. However, our project lead coder Brad discovered a breakthrough that boosted confidence and motivation to continue this endeavor! We have seen much better results within our engines game state and netcode. We have tested numerous back-to-back online games with rollback successfully. With more fine-tuning, we believe we are able to finally launch this new solution!

As of writing this, the team feels extremely confident in the ability to provide a great online experience. This has been the most engaging area of development this past month. These breakthroughs have been a large milestone for the project!



Frankenstein has received a bit of love for the coming update! Frankenstein’s walk cycle has been updated to show a more confident combatant. His gunshot animation has also been improved. You can expect some of these additional changes in future updates to other characters we feel need an update.

Spring Heeled Jack

This month, we are entering full-time animation mode for Spring Heeled Jack. Attacks, specials, grabs, and the works will be highlighted this month. When we develop new stages, it unfortunately takes time away from character animations. As you will see below, we have made plenty of progress on stages this past month. Upon release of the next update, Jack’s development will be top priority. We have plenty more characters to release this year, so we decided to have these stages knocked out sooner so we could give more attention to the development of the final characters.


The Helsing Arcade

The Helsing Arcade has seen some renovations to the lighting as well as some additional arcade cabinets and structures. Furniture has been added for those looking to relax, enjoy the music, and look at the new Knight statues.

Room 101

Room 101 has seen a few modifications. It seems whoever was once held in this confined room had something to share with the world. The walls are now littered with the ramblings of mad men who’ve seen horrifying truths.

Dracula’s Suite

Dracula’s Suite has seen adjustments to lighting within the stage. We thought it fit to include Dracula himself resting upon his corporate throne. Alongside Dracula are his devilish brides, Isadora and Sybil. The plan includes removing these characters when Dracula is selected on this stage.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse has seen some improvements since we last showcased the stage. The Greenhouse now features new lighting and is nearing completion. We are looking to resolve any visual bugs from the stage that may occur from camera angles that are utilized during certain moves.

Erase Warehouse

The Erase Warehouse stage is shaping up to be a unique home for Spring Heeled Jack. We will likely be releasing this stage alongside Spring Heeled Jack when the time comes. This stage is mostly complete with only a few more assets to be added.

Frankenstein’s Sanctuary

Frankenstein’s Sanctuary has seen some additions as well. New statues and sculptures can be found along the stage. This stage is nearly complete, receiving it’s own stage track very soon. We are looking to release this stage along side Spring Heeled Jack’s release.

Dr. West’s Laboratory

Finally, we would like to welcome back our favorite connoisseur of reanimation! Dr. Herbert West makes an appearance in our latest stage! Dr. West has some immoral projects on hand, at the request of Dracula himself. This stage will be featured in our story mode and will be elaborated on more in the future. It will also be a playable stage in the future once we polish up more additional aspects.

Other News

Next Major Update
We apologize for consistently holding back the next update. This update is largely complete, with our focus primarily on the netcode and online experience. As stated above, we believe we are nearly complete with finalizing our rollback integration. The Wendigo is complete. The Winter Woods and Realm of Agony stages are complete. Our next major update will feature the following:

– New Character: 

The Wendigo.
– Two New Stages: 

The Winter Woods and 

The Realm of Agony.
– New User Interface and sleek menus improvements, featuring new Artwork.
– Improved Netcode and Online Multiplayer, featuring 

GGPO Rollback Netcode.
– The launching of Terrordrome: Reign of The Legends on the Epic Games Store featuring Cross-play Integration between Steam and Epic Online Services.
– Several Stage Overhauls on existing stages.
– Several bug fixes.

More details will be shared within the patch notes of the update. We are hoping to finalize our changes and launch this update possibly this week. We are looking to have the update ready for the Indie Fighting Games Fest! As always, we are forever grateful for your patience, support, and enjoyment in Terrordrome. Thank you all!

– The TerrorTeam