Wendigo Joins the Terrordrome! ROTL Update 18

  • April 9, 2023

HUGE Update to the game! In this update, we have a new playable character, multiple stage overhauls, 


  1. New Character Added : Wendigo has been added to the playable roster, here is his bio:

    The Spirit of Hunger and Greed has been awakened and is more ravenous than ever. Once an inhabitant of the cold forests in the northern regions of North America, his presence is now often felt near rural towns. Something has triggered his appetite and it’s uncertain what this could be. Although most people don’t believe in him and consider it a mere Native American legend, the Sasquatch people know him well and may know how to stop him. For that to happen, new alliances will need to be forged between humans and the Sasquatch if they can settle their differences.
  1. New Stage Added: The Winter Woods has been added to the game as a selectable stage, this is the home stage of the Wendigo.
  2. New Stage Added: The Realm of Agony has been added to the game as a selectable stage, this is the home stage of The White Lady
  3. New UI Changes We now have a completely reworked menu system, including a new main menu, character selection and more. Issues may still be present within this new UI so please feel free to report any issues to the team dev. We are still looking to improve our menu designs. Our new main menu now allows the usage of the mouse, this will combat issues of unmapped confirm buttons.
  4. Existing Stage Overhauls: All previous stages have changes to lighting and other additions to the background.
  5. GGPO ROLLBACK NETCODE: That’s right, we now have rollback netcode using GGPO! In its current state, you can play a 1 v 1 match. We are looking to expand on this in the future to allow for spectators, but as of now, have fun playing online with stable netcode!
  6. Epic Online Services : We now leverage Epic Online Services for Matchmaking and Online P2P connections, this allows cross play with users that have purchased the game on Epic Games Store.
  1. The Camera FOV has been altered in game to allow for a better view of the stage. The camera no longer follows the players in the corner and is now in a fixed state while in the corner.
  1. Frankenstein has new animations on his Gunshot special move.
  2. Frankenstein has new animation on his forward and backward walk cycles.
  3. Dracula’s Helper Isadora’s model has been altered.
  4. More possible fixes to the issue of certain Unleashed moves not being able to be performed in certain situations. If you still experience these issues please report them in the bug report thread or the bug reports channel on our Discord link : https://discord.com/invite/WyMcdxQ3mc
  5. Fixed an issue related to EX/Mod button sometimes being stuck in a held state.
  6. Death Sentences now feature new visual effects, darkening the background to highlight the characters. These moves no longer trigger the K.O. announcements.
  7. Perfect has been changed to Perfect K.O. in order to be more inline with modern fighting games.
  8. Music has been slightly lowered in volume.
  9. Several New Sound Effects have replaced previous sounds.
  10. New Hit Spark Effects have been added to various attacks.
  11. New EX effect is now applied to all characters, the old issue of sometimes seeing both characters having this effect applied has been fixed.
  12. Attack information no longer rearranges the order presented when viewing the command list.

Gameplay Changes

  1. You can no longer jump over your opponent if their back is to the corner, so be careful as you might get trapped and need to find a way out.
  2. Fixed an issue not allowing Counter Dodge/Counter Break while fighting an AI opponent.