Terrordrome: Reign Of The Legends – Development Update: May 2023

  • May 1, 2023

Springing Into the Month of May

We’ve got quite a bit to show off this month! A lot of work has gone into our next character, as well as fixes to the current public build. Let’s get into it!


Netcode Adjustments
We’ve taken some time to adjust the online experience this past month. We understand that there are still issues with matchmaking and connections. This is top priority for us at this time while Spring Heeled Jack’s animations are in progress. We are also looking to add spectators to online matches, however progress in this area of development has been tough. We’ll update more on this feature in the future.

Epic Online Services Integration
Another important feature we are working on is getting Terrordrome: Reign of The Legends on The Epic Games Store. You may have noticed that we are using Epic Online Services in order to feature crossplay. This is a free service provided by Epic. We would like to clarify that you do not need an Epic Games account to play online, however you do not have access to Private Matches without linking an Epic Account. This is due to Epic Online Services Social Hub being used.

Balancing and Bug Fixes
Of course, we are always actively looking for any bugs and glitches in the game so that we may fix them. Please report any bugs or glitches you come across to us either here in the game Discussion Forums or on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/sWAmg9SW


Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack has become our fastest developed character of the roster. Due to his lack of facial animations, he requires less time to animate. He also shares a familiar body type with Helsing, meaning there is no need for complicated adjustments in animations like we had when developing the Wendigo.

Spring Heeled Jack’s moveset has been finalized and his animations are nearly complete. All that is left is to animate his Intro and Outro to fights, and undergo some minor animation polishing. We can’t wait to show this character off with the vision we have in mind for him. We believe he will be a great new addition to the roster with a lot of fun abilities.

Jack still has a long way to go before he will be playable. We still need to find an appropriate voice actor for the character. It is also going to take some time to implement this character into the game once his animations are complete. We are also planning to begin work on the Invisible Man’s animations once Jack’s are complete. The plan is to have The Invisible Man’s animations be developed as Spring Heeled Jack is being coded into the game.

Other News

Arcade Stories

We have begun working on a demo of the Arcade Stories. The plan is to include a prologue cutscene when starting the arcade ladder as well as an epilogue cutscene after the arcade ladder is complete. The narratives for these have been written and will follow a brief story about the selected character. We would like to specify that these are unrelated to the Story Mode narrative we wish to tell in the future. In a way, we like to consider these alternate timelines. We are hoping to share more with you soon, but until then, here is a brief sneak peak at a shot from Frankenstein’s Arcade Story.

That about sums up what we have to show this month. It’s looking like we will have Spring Heeled Jack’s animations done soon so we can begin on the Invisible Man shortly after. We’re planning to release another vlog in the coming weeks as well for more internal news. We’re hoping to release this by the end of the month, however the latest will be sometime in June. Until then, we appreciate our followers as always and we hope to share more with you soon! Thank you!

– The TerrorTeam