Terrordrome: Reign Of The Legends – Development Update: July 2023

  • July 1, 2023

Update on Character Progress, Netcode Improvements, and More

Updates for the Month of July!

A lot of technical work is being done for Reign Of The Legends at this time. There are a few things we need to work out for the next update. Let’s jump in!


Netcode Adjustments
In the last few weeks, a lot of effort has been put into Netcode improvements for Reign of The Legends. A large bulk of the coding work the whole month of June has gone towards this mission specifically. We are still testing out changes in the netcode at the time of writing.

Steam Deck compatibility and debugging
We have received numerous reports of Reign of The Legends not functioning properly on the Steam Deck. In these past few weeks, we have started looking into potential fixes. We do not have much to share on the matter currently, but we are definitely planning to continue looking into this issue in the future.

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack is practically complete. There are still some small adjustments to be made for the character. Mostly, we are still making sure the character functions properly and is balanced. Sounds have been completely implemented and all moves are in the game. We are excited to have this character in your hands!

Bug Fixes
As always, the team is hunting down any bugs in the game and eliminating them as best we can. Please continue to report anything found to the team either via Discord or on the Steam Discussions page.


The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man’s animations are all complete! The character has all attacks, reactions, specials, and unleashed attacks ready. This character has also received his alternate color schemes. We have not started implementing this character into the game yet, as doing so would result in further delays for Spring Heeled Jack. The character is ready to be coded into the game, however it will be a little wait.

Bonus Fighters

In the mean time, due to The Invisible Man’s animations being complete, we have actually began working on our three bonus fighters’ animations! We do plan to reveal these fighters later in the year. For the time being, know that they are still planned for release before the game is completed. We still would like to clarify that these characters are a large part of the Reign of The Legends story, and are treated as Bonus fighters.

Other News

New AnnouncerThe team has been looking into changing the announcer’s voice for Reign of The Legends. We are looking for a different feel than the current announcer. We are also looking for a new announcer due to having to record additional lines now with the inclusion of the Bonus Fighters. Additionally, the team has decided to rename The White Lady. The team has been set on a simple change, “The Lady In White.”

The Erase Warehouse and Frankenstein’s Sanctuary

As we prepare for the next major update, 

The Erase Warehouse and 

Frankenstein’s Sanctuary will receive their final adjustments. We are planning to add the final polish to these stages and ensure their total functionality. The plan is still set to have these stages release with Spring Heeled Jack.

EVO 2023

Once again, EVO approaches! The team has begun work on a new trailer for 2023! We plan to showcase the game once again, perhaps a bit more in depth, with hopes of attracting new players. We are also looking to show off a bit more of Spring Heeled Jack! We’re looking forward to participating once again in the Indie Fighting Game Showcase!

It has been a busy month for the team, and there is still plenty of work to be done. We’ll continue to update you when we can, and we are hoping to have the next major update done as soon as possible. There is a lot more to it than just Jack’s implementation. We appreciate your patience and support! As always, thank you!

– The TerrorTeam