Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update: December 2023

  • December 11, 2023

Due to a lot of work we apologies for how late this update is as we were focusing on stage and sound work.
setting up for the winter we have been working harder before we take a break during the festive holidays.

Invisible Man

Invisible Man is on edge to being completed development wise.
Since the last update we have incorporated his voice lines and at this time working up the budget to commission his final sound effects which will complete the entire character.
All that would be left is testing and the creation of his trailer which will release the same day he becomes available to the public.
He his currently available to play for Tier 2 and above in our Patreon exclusive build, If you would like to try him whilst he is in development be sure to subscribe here:

Character sound polishing.

Character sounds are in the polishing phase and we are over halfway complete from finishing them.
So far characters from Frankenstein to T.H.I.S have been finished and some are already published for the public to play.

Stage polishing.

Stages are being refurbished with new visual appeal!
From lighting changes to complete asset overhauls, some of which we showed last update but here are the final result we’d like to share today!

Cemetery Crossroads

With Cemetery Crossroads we added more directional lighting from the lamps themselves, added light fog and made the cobbled ground more ragged and worn down level wise

Helsing Arcade

For Helsing Arcade we added LED lights to the arches on each side, a T-Rex statue centre piece now with a stand to hold it up.
This dino is special as it was a main character for a game we were unable to complete, maybe there’s a possibility we can bring back this unannounced title in the future? who knows.
Finally on each side we have movie and event posters that take place in the Terrordrome universe and timeline, Looks like Dorian Grey used his Immortality to become a Hollywood Icon.

Dr Jekyll’s Laboratory

This stage has had a complete overhaul with brand new assets added as well as some ratty rodents to help with the formula that he has spent a lifetime developing, seems to create some gigantisms with some subjects.

Realm of Reflection

Another stage with big changes, Mary’s imagination and memory has grown more and has made additions to her world, most notably a train, skull bats and strange ghostly shells of people she knew before her death.

We hope you have a great festive holiday this December as we continue our polish and release of the final game in 2024.

– The Terrordrome team.