Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update: February 2024

  • February 2, 2024

forest stage changes and a night guard?

Early days of 2024 but we still strive and work on improving the game as much as we can with a newly polished stage, a new stage NPC and updates on what we develop next.

The Hidden Forest

Lots of new lighting made to this stage as well as more assets like trees rocks and other woodland architecture created by mother nature complimented with a slight mist in the background to provide a whimsical feel to the stage.

Introducing Jab the night guard

This is Jab, the night guard at the Erase Warehouse.
For those who find his name familiar this is Jab who is one of our biggest Patreon contributors as well as one of our finest members of the Terrordrome community and we decided to reward him as an in game cameo playing as the night guard working for Erase (one of Dracula’s side companies).
In a future update you will find Jab in the background within the warehouse stage checking for any trespassers.

The Vlog

Lots of parts of development that are too important to explain through just the socials, this is why we’re in the middle of creating another Video log of what we plan to do.
Please be sure to check out the vlog once it’s public as it goes over major decisions we will be making to the all important release of the game.