Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update: April 2024

  • April 2, 2024

Arcade mode, new move and new online lobby.

Greetings everyone and a happy warm welcome from the Terrordrome team.
we have been working hard the past few months continuing the develop Reign of the Legends as much as we can and we’d like to apologies for not creating a update for March.
The reason why we decided this was that we simply didn’t have enough developed content enough to warrant a new update and as some are aware, some of us are still working full time jobs and it takes us away from developing the game quicker but now we have content to share with you today!

Wendigo has a brand new move!

This move is the turnpike!
when making the Wendigo we added a move called ice spike where the creature summons a giant spike of ice out of the ground which lifts the opponent off the ground.
when trying it out we found along with our testers that the ice spike felt a little 1 dimensional and unfun when labbing and we knew we could do better and create something more fun.
This new move has Wendigo summon a bony turnpike from the ground, the amalgamation structure of bones will rotate for a period of time creating a long lasting hit box that can hit your foe until it despawns.
since the move had been given to our tester/Patreon build of the game we have already seen our testers preform unique and creative combos with the move including summoning the pike behind the opponent and launching them into it creating a new juggle combo as if they were like playing a game of tennis.

Development of arcade intros and outros

As stated in the previous update we were working on intros and outros for the Arcade mode for every character in the game and now we have images to share with you!
We have for now censored the text for spoilers but this is what to expect in terms of artstyle that will be in all arcade branches going forward, So far we have completed both the intro and outro for Alex Van Helsing and the intro for Neverman.
We’d like to remind everyone that this is not the actual story mode or canon to the games story but what if scenarios that may have potentially happened in an alternate reality within the Terrordrome Reign of the Legends universe.

Online lobby fixes and adjustments

We have overhauled our lobby system.
Now when joining a lobby you can now choose to select if you want to be player 1 or player 2 as well as now being able to view friends matches if you are within the same lobby, at this time there’s only 2 spectators maximum but we plan on adding more.
This new lobby also now comes with a chat box for those who want to discuss thing before and after the match.
Please keep in mind that this lobby is subject to change as we continue to develop it further.

That’s all for today, thank you always for sticking through our journey and thank you for reading
– The Terrordrome Team.