Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update: June 2024

  • June 2, 2024

We’ve finally reached the middle of 2024 and the end of the tunnel of early access is ever closer as we continue adding more as we can to Terrordrome before release.

Arcade Intros and outros:

Like the past 2 updates we are continuing progress on giving vision to the arcade story to every member of our roster.
passing the halfway mark of the roster we only have 5 characters intros and outros left to finish.

Finished intros and outros:
Alex Van Helsing
Bloody Mary
The Lady in White

Yet to be completed:
Mr Hyde
Spring Heeled Jack
Invisible Man

Unity 6
During this time our coder Brad has been investigating Unity 6, a newer version of unity to import the game into before release.
Unity 6 as a engine will give Reign of the Legends a bigger boost of FPS compared to Unity 5 which we are currently using.

We will be at EVO this year, come say hi and play with us!!!

Yes that’s right!
Next month you can meet the core developers Brad and Marc at EVO this year as well as play the game with them if you too are at the event!
We will be within the BYOC (Bring your own console) area of the building and we are in the middle of contacting event show heads regarding being involved more within the indie aspects of the show.
At this time we have no info to share but if we do get benefits like most indie fighting game developers did last year, we’ll be sure to keep people up to date on our socials and within the next months update.

Thank you for reading
The Terrordrome Team