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A new community manager!

Hello Terrordrome fans! My name is Pawe? Dzier?anowski and I am a new community manager. As the manger I’d like to tell you people that version 2.9.9 has got working multiplayer. So if you want to try it, read these steps: 1. Go to Terrordrome folder (default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Huracan Studio\Terrordrome The Game) […]

TRDM2 narrative direction.

While LoL is in the making, I’d like to share my thoughts on Fighting Games Storylines and where I want to take TRDM2 own Storyline. Well basically there is not much to say about fighting game stories in general as it’s gotta be the ingredient they lack the most. Indeed a fighting game relies mostly […]

Land Of Labyrinth

Hi People, I know I haven’t posted anything recently but I’ve been preparing the Kickstarter campaign for Land Of Labyrinth and I didn’t want to show anything until then. But I still wanted to share an illustration with you before the campaign launches (2 more weeks if everything goes right). This is what one of […]

Survey results!

TRDM2 survey results: 2 weeks after posting the thread “Original vs Copycat” here are the results of the answers collected. 91 answers is good enough to have an idea what people think. This kind of survey is useful as it helps us refining TDRM2 concept. Regarding a game featuring horror movie icons it comes as […]

Saturday the 14th

Original vs Copycat, we need your opinion! Hi TerrorFans, as we’re in a brainstorming phase for TRDM 2, we’d like to know your opinion about the importance you give to the authenticity of popular characters such as Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger. TRDM featured characters from very popular horror franchise. People were able to play […]