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Version 2.9.7 has been released!

Finally able to get this new update out this makes the game version go to 2.9.7 Here is the fixes in this update – Made general fixes on collion and attack frames – Extended time for being invulnerable while using dodge of Candyman, Tallman and Herbert West – Extended defense frames for Chucky’s dodge animation […]

LoL Project gets a name, a face and a poster!

Hello everyone. It’s time to reveal a little bit more details about our current project with a Poster-teaser. That’s right LoL doesn’t stand for “laughing out loud” but for Land Of Labyrinth. The upcoming game of our team. The title says it all, LoL is an Fantasy adventure game that takes you on a journey […]

Version 2.9.6 has been released!

Time for a new version this is a small update to address small issues with the game here is the change log Download Link for TRDM-Final-2.9.5 to 2.9.6.exe download file size is 2.6 mb!! The link is outdated! New Patch system to reduce download size this looks for what is changed and applys them to […]

Version 2.9.5 has been released!

Finally it’s release time for Version 2.9.5 Here is the patch notes for this version -NEW netplay Client based off of Telepone MTSP -Minior Fixes to Hit Sparks -Fixed issue were Herbert West freezes after helper hit VS. Pumpkinhead or Mid Air Opponent -Fixed Block Infinite with Herbert West and also Acid Bottle Infinte vs […]

Version 2.9.4 has been released!

New Version 2.9.4 here is what to except in this new update -General Text Fixes To EXE -Unleashed Moves now have invulnerabiliy frames -Special moves got more invulnerabiliy frames -Added invulnerabiliy frames to Body Slams -Tallman and Pinhead have grab escape animations -Fixed a issue were players could grab escape special moves -Fixed Infinite Grab […]

Version 2.9.3 has been released!

Alright files are back up and fixes are there for Matt Cordell And here is the list of fixes that made the game go up to version 2.9.3 -Game version changed due to user confusion -Game patches 1 and 2 intergrated -Fixed issue were Chucky won’t perform a jump punch attack -Fixed issue were Chucky […]

Jeff Wheaton

I just wanted to point out that we have awesome fans right here and around the world. People who supported the project all the way from the beginning and others who got involved by giving us feedbacks, positive and negative comments (both are of a great help) not mentioning those who reported lists of bug […]

Version 2.9.2 has been released!

Patch 2 is out here is the patch notes -Fixed issue were lifebar disappers between rounds -Fixed issue with character afterimage on stand loop after round 1 -Changed helper icons to not display after use -Fixed infinite combo chain loops with Pinhead -Fixed infinte combo with combo string plus teleport with Pinhead -Made Chucky’s hit […]