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Version 2.9.1 has been released!

Patch 1 Released Notes – Pumpkinforest stage music fixed – Characters pausing after fight in Round 1 fixed – In game move list now completely fixed – Fixed exe to show unused button (Netplay issue) – Fixed small issue on Tallman’s Telegrab – Intro removed due to crashes new one coming soon – Other minor […]


Here we are! We have just finished the integration of the story mode. Halloween is near… I want to thank everyone who send us their photos. We didn’t have a lot of pictures to choose, nevertheless we chose the best ones. We even put four photos instead of two. And the winners are: Pawel Dzierzanowski, […]

The story mode is almost finished!

Good news! All storymode pictures are finished (except the ones where I need one more people to appear. No more volunteers?) This means storymode is now reality. Also every ending is connected to another. they’re not alternative endings with no meaning. They complete themselves to form a full story. You will need to finish some […]

More volunteers needed!

So I need 2 or 3 “actors” to appear in some ending pictures. Why not you instead of guys picked on random internet photographies? You need to do 2 posing photos with good resolution. you must look as an adult betweeen 16-40. 2 sketches of what is needed have been posted. – in the first […]

In game move list!

So you guys going to like this next new feature for TRDM now when you pause the game you will be greted with the current characters move list!!! ~ AcidSama