Entries by Mitch Thomas

New Mr Hyde Redesign

Drinking the formula and washing it down with some whiskey and some good old fashioned cigars. This is the life of Dr Jekyll now that he has been transformed into someone even he doesn’t recognise. This is our new redesign for Mr Hyde

New Track

As we’re joining the fighting game sale and today is Friday the 13th we’d thought we would celebrate by sharing a brand new track by Michal Ratkowski called Room 101. Be sure to get your copy of Terrordrome during the event, you’ll benefit from 20% off  

T.H.I.S Playable Now!!

He came, he saw, he Clownified? T.H.I.S the killer clown from out of this world is now available to play in Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends in the latest update! Have a Happy Halloween from the Terrordrome Team

Terrordrome Sale!

Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends is joining the Halloween sale event for 33% off! be sure to get the game from today till November 2nd with a new challenger approaching this Saturday! Starts at 9:55 Pacific time