Bloody Mary Blood Ties

Her hands were still nervously shaking under the table. Her face hidden underneath her thick hair and looking down, she was praying in a hushed voice. Sometimes she would burst into tears just for a few minutes, trying to release the tension, but the feeling of desperation wouldn’t leave her. She remembered a video about meditation she saw on YouTube and tried to breathe deeply and let go of her thoughts. But every time she tried to close her eyes, even for only a few seconds, it was even worse: images of lacerated skin, open wounds spilling blood on the floor, and broken limbs flashed in her mind like some hectic stroboscope. She lifted her head in search for air, she didn’t know how long she’s been staying here anymore. For a second she thought she heard a whisper. Slowly, she turned her head to the left and dared looking into a large mirror that nearly covered an entire wall. There she could see herself, a terrified teenage girl alone in a small white room with only a single door and a crude white light over her head. Her clothes were still stained with dark blood and her hair, all messed up, was covering half of her face. She looked exhausted and vulnerable.

She was startled as the door behind her opened. Two detectives re-entered the room after what seemed to be years. The tallest one rushed inside the room and sat right in front of her. The other one followed in, locked the door, and stood there staring at her.

The man in front of her combed his blond hair with his hand quickly with a sigh and said:

– “Ok… we’re gonna do this one more time, I seriously urge you to come to your senses now, in your interest. Please state your full name and age for the camera and tell us what happened at Lisa Rappoport’s residence tonight.” He pointed his finger at the camera behind him. “This time we’re gonna spend more time on all the details you remember, from the moment you got inside the house until the moment you got out, alright?”

It was the third interrogatory session in a row, the previous one lasted two hours, she was close to a breakdown, but she wouldn’t change her story because all she was doing was telling the truth.

– “My name is Angela Gutierrez, I’m 17…” She said with a hoarse voice “…And this is what happened last night…”

She had been invited to Lisa Rappoport’s party last night. Something that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t have refused. Lisa was one of the popular girls in college. She was pretty, smart, and nice with everyone, and her parents were rich, meaning she was living in those dream houses in tidy neighborhoods, with a terrace, a swimming pool, and everything. A party at her place was most certainly something you didn’t want to miss under any circumstances, a once in a lifetime event!

Angela didn’t know Lisa very well, she wasn’t really a friend of hers, but she was able to help her out in a critical situation in the girls’ bathroom a couple of weeks ago. Angela entered the bathroom, finding Lisa “trapped” in one of the toilets, it was that time of the month and she didn’t have any pads with her. Angela kindly gave her one of hers and it saved Lisa’s day, and apparently Lisa hasn’t forgotten about that, so she repaid the favor by inviting Angela to her party.

It made her extremely happy and had had her thinking about the party during the following days until the night came. Angela wasn’t exactly the popular girl type you could say, she wasn’t a bullied girl either, she was just average and never got any special attention until recently. Somehow people in her class got word she had been invited to Lisa’s party and since then it seemed she was looked at with greater attention. People would talk to her in a more friendly and respectful way. That was the power of Lisa’s invitation!

It was Saturday, the day had arrived. Angela woke up very excited, she had breakfast, called her best friend on the phone, and later met her at the shopping mall. Her friend helped her choose a classy pair of white denim pants, a sexy t-shirt, and even a brand-new mid-season leather jacket. They had lunch and her friend even convinced her to get a brand-new haircut and have her make-up done. A couple of hours later, she admirably examined herself in a mirror and she couldn’t recognize herself. She had transformed into this one hot, self-confident girl who boys would gaze upon and make other girls envious. She never thought she could look so good. She was amazed how circumstances could beget such changes in one’s life. She couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror, amazed and proud of that girl. One lucky girl who’s gonna have one hell of a party tonight!

She arrived in front of Lisa’s imposing residence and for the first time of the day she had goosebumps. It wasn’t a house, it was a luxurious mansion! From across the street it looked breathtakingly splendid and classy. There were cars parked all around the residence and people were arriving at a regular pace. It was still early in the evening and you could already hear the music pumping out from the living room and the backyard. This would be a night to remember, and so she entered the party.

She cautiously walked inside the hall, crossing paths with boys and girls grabbing glasses of cocktails, coming and going in different directions. She entered the living room and was immediately impressed by the number of people already here, some standing, forming circles of chat, others dancing to the sound of the loud music and others chasing themselves visibly already under the effects of the alcohol or any other substance. It was any teenager’s dream party and she couldn’t believe she was living this dream, although she would have loved her friend to be there too.

As she started to explore the first floor, she found Lisa in the kitchen, surrounded by her best friends and a bunch of wannabe boyfriends competing to have her attention. Lisa was gorgeous and for a moment, Angela felt like she didn’t belong here. She didn’t come from the same world, she’d never been to any fancy parties or anything like that. She suddenly doubted her clothing and her haircut, she wished she could have checked herself in the bathroom one more time before arriving. Lisa noticed her and warmly welcomed her inside her circle.

– “Angela! You made it! I wasn’t sure if you would come. Look at you girl, you look so hot!” Lisa exclaimed with her typical disarming smile, making Angela immediately feel at ease. “Come here, I want to present you to these guys here.” Lisa introduced her to her friends and recounted the circumstances of how they met by cleverly omitting the details of how they actually were forced to talk to each other. Angela was surprised how kindly Lisa treated her despite the fact they didn’t know each other very well until just recently, and all because of a fortuitous event. Life could be sometimes surprisingly great she thought. After a moment Lisa had left to meet another group of friends in another area of her palace. Angela kept exchanging a few words with the boys who now seemed interested in her before leaving the kitchen too. She took upon the task to visit the vast mansion and see what surprises this party had to offer her.

Everywhere she went, boys would notice her. She was really transformed, she could tell when she stopped in front of a mirror, she was indeed a hottie tonight! No boy had yet talked to her, but the night was young.

But foremost she was conquered by the beauty of this place and she decided to explore the first floor. She climbed the wide stairs with beautiful artwork on the rails, circling around a huge vintage chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. She passed by a few couples seated on the stairs, too busy kissing each other to notice her.

She stayed leaning on the rail of the first floor for a little while, looking down on the people standing underneath, sipping her vodka-orange juice when something drew her attention to one of the corridors. A group of four noisy girls came out of a bedroom, shouting and laughing loudly. They carried beers, cigarettes, and candles. They looked very excited to say the least. Angela recognized them, they were in the same age group as her but from a different class. Sharon was the slim tall one, Cynthia wore glasses and still managed to stay pretty, Lucy was the smallest one, and Lori was the cute leader of the group.

Lori tried to open the locked door of the bathroom across the corridor, but someone inside yelled something which made them laugh even louder. Then, Lucy noticed Angela. She stared at her for a few seconds before elbowing the other girls, without the need to say anything else, they all reacted with more laughter and a loud: “Ohhhh yeah!”

Angela politely frowned with a smile, she looked back quickly to see if the girls were seeking out someone behind her, but there was nobody there. They kept laughing, and one of them said:

– “Yes you! Come here, we need a fifth person for our little game, what’s your name again? Patricia?”

– “I’m Angela, and nah I’m fine thank you, I’m gonna stay here.” Angela replied with a shy smile.

– “Awe come on girl, we need you to do this. Come on, it’s gonna be fun, I promise!” she had obviously drunk a few beers.

She came towards Angela and grabbed her by the arm like they were best friends and brought her to the group. Sharon welcomed her by putting a beer in her hand and winking at her. The others kept laughing

– “What are you guys up to?” asked Angela. To what Lori turned around and playfully replied:

– “We are going to summon spirits!”

– “Oh no no no, you guys aren’t serious, are you?” Angela scowled and stared at the other girls to see their reaction. “You can’t be serious, come on guys, these things aren’t real.”

– “So what are you afraid of?” thwarted Lori, supported by the other girls. Angela pinched her lips and smiled. She couldn’t refuse such an opportunity to make friends while doing crazy things tonight!

The door finally opened, and three girls came out without even paying attention to who was knocking.

The group of girls entered the bathroom and Lucy asked:

– “So you comin’ or not?”

Angela finally agreed and followed them inside.

The bathroom was splendid like the rest of the house, tastefully decorated and large enough for the five girls to fit in. Lori immediately lit up a cigarette and with the lighter she lit the candles, after she placed them in a circle in the center of the room, then started to look around visibly searching for something. Sharon turned off the lights and the place instantly became a shady and eerie scene where five people would meet for some mysterious deed. Angela wondered if they had planned this event for a long time or if it was something they had just came up with after a few too many drinks? But she was excited by the unusual event taking place. They all sat cross-legged on the floor around the circle of candles. Angela suddenly felt like she was part of a witch meeting or something. Lori came back with a small oval mirror that could rotate on its basis and sat next to Angela.

– “That’ll be perfect, check it out.” She said holding her cigarette in her mouth. She put the mirror in the center of the circle, she rotated the mirror facing up. “There we go!”

– “Why did you put it like that?” asked Sharon.

– “Nobody has to see her own reflection to make this work. Lori replied.

– “Where did that BS come from?” frowned Lucy “Don’t you have to just say her name four times in front of the mirror?”

– “Nope, the summoners need to be out of the frame, and then her name needs to be said FIVE times by five different people.” Said Lori with an odd expression in her face and squinting her eyes.

Angela looked at them all and realized they were talking about the legend of Bloody Mary, they wanted to actually summon her! That was something almost every kid would have tried once in their lifetime. But she also recalled that there’s a catch at the end of the legend: the spirit of Mary, once called out, would kill the summoner. She fixed her eyes on Lori and Lori stared at her in return.

– “You guessed it, we’re gonna try to call Bloody Mary, but don’t you worry about any tragical ending honey, if the five of us do this without breaking the circle, she can’t hurt us.”

Sharon still dared to snigger, but the other girls had become a bit more serious. Angela didn’t believe anything of the legend but was still intrigued by the turn the night was taking.

Lori explained the rules:

– “Alright guys listen up…” She was interrupted by three loud knockings on the door!

All the girls jumped, Cynthia even let out a small scream before bursting into laughter. There was nothing like one last jump scare to release the tension. Sharon yelled some profanities to the person behind the door who didn’t dare to insist and walked away. Which made the girls laugh… for the last time in their lives.

– “Ok everyone, close the circle by holding hands. I’m gonna start the invitation and you need to stay put. Don’t say a word until I’m done. Then and only then, each one of us shall say her name once. I will start first, then Cynthia, then Sharon, then Lucy and last will be you Angela. Understood?”

Everybody nodded and held hands.

And so the chain reaction started.

She had memorized an entire incantation by heart:

In the darkness, shall I call you

From your slumber, may I wake you

By the blood, shall I feed you


– “Mary.” added Cynthia

– “Maryyyy.” added Sharon in a playful tone.

– “M.. Mary.” added Lucy, visibly stressed out

It was Angela’s turn, but she kept silent. Cynthia lifted her eyes towards her, soon followed by the other girls. Lori leaned her head and glared at her spelling a silent “Come on!”

Angela sighed and said it low and quickly:

– “Mary.”

Nothing happened.

No one dared to move. Nobody looked away from the mirror in the center, only Sharon allowed herself to glance around.

Then the room became strangely quiet. Too quiet. Even the noises and music beyond the door seemed to have stopped. It also seemed to Angela that the room had gotten darker, and colder.

But still nothing happened.

– “It’s not working.” crooned Sharon, and she dropped her hold on Cynthia and Lucy’s hands to grab her beer.

– “NOOOO, don’t break the circle!!!” yelled Lori

At that same moment, they heard the sound of glass breaking. It was neat and brief. Everyone noticed the mirror now had cracks!

Sharon had held hands back again in a hurry, but it was too late.

They started to hear a hum in the room, first very low and then very loud. Cynthia and Lucy started to scream. Then an unbearable screechy sound tickled their eardrums. Lucy wanted to release her hands, but Angela’s grip was too strong, even if at this state the circle had been broken. And that’s what she was waiting for!

The mirror suddenly started to move, first it slightly wobbled, then it violently rotated in Angela’s direction. All the girls looked at her all at once, wide-eyed.

The mirror was facing straight at Angela who was paralyzed by fear. But she couldn’t see her reflection in the mirror, the mirror was empty, like a black puddle… a deep hypnotizing black puddle from where pure hatred seemed to emanate, sucking all life inward like a vacuum. The cracks started to extend beyond the frame, in the “real world” radiating all around. Angela could even see the background distorted in-between the cracks, like a refraction shattering reality.

And from the dark curtain she revealed herself, in a swift and elegant motion, she stepped out entirely at once, it was her glorious entrance to the physical world. The dark queen of the void stood in front of Angela, as the cracks began to retract, closing the mystical portal behind her.

She was terrifying and beautiful at the same time. She was wearing a lovely black long dress from another time. Her torso was confined inside a corset made of exquisite lacework. Her face was gorgeous, and her skin looked like it was made of silk, pale like the moon.

Her dark hair was mounted in a strange hairstyle resembling two evil horns on top of her head.

Her evil presence vibrated across the room. She was staring straight at Angela who stepped back and found herself back to the door.

The other girls were screaming loud, terrified, and hysterical, gathering in one corner of the room.

Then Bloody Mary spoke with her deep voice:

– “I shall answer your call and award you with the death you seek, my child, for such is your destiny”

– “I… I didn’t call you, I swear, I didn’t mean to!” Angela replied in tears.

– “Oh yes you did, it was your blood that lead me to you”

– “No, no, no, please! I don’t want to die!”

Angela was nervously crying, her body collapsing under her own weight, she was on her knees and begged Mary with a choked voice.

– “Please, please madame, don’t kill me.”

Bloody Mary kneeled down, her face a few inches from the girl’s face. She grabbed a long pair of scissors from under the folds of her dress and caressed Angela’s cheeks with it, she talked in a smooth voice:

– “Don’t judge me wrong child, I’m not a killer, I’m simply a survivor. You agreed to help me, and I graciously accepted it, by this contract your blood is now mine.”

Angela snapped and shouted:

– “I CAN GIVE YOU MORE BLOOD, I CAN GIVE YOU MORE BLOOD! Let’s make another contract and I will provide you with more blood, lots of blood!”

Bloody Mary winced and stared right into the girl’s eyes, she was intrigued by her offer.

– “Hmph, don’t you dare go around fooling me child, for I will make your death very painful if you do!”

– “I’m not, I’m not, I’m serious! Spare me and I will bring you blood, a lot more blood.”

– “Hmmm…” Mary thought for a moment.

– “I accept your deal.” she said.

Angela couldn’t believe she actually managed to save her life by dealing with a ghost or whatever Bloody Mary was.

– “Now where’s my due?” Mary said with a threatening voice, her expression was back to that of an extremely angry woman.

Angela silently pointed at the group of girls in the corner of the room.

Bloody Mary turned around to contemplate the prize of her deal with an evil smile carved on her lips.

– “Yes, that is indeed much better.”

The four girls were taken aback, Lori stared at Angela in the eyes, she could have killed her if she wasn’t already the prey of an uncompromising ghost.

That’s when Bloody Mary dashed towards the girls. She moved so fast that Angela lost sight of her for a second. From where she was standing she witnessed the swiftness and efficiency of her attacks on her victims. Blood spurted and splattered on every wall of the bathroom while the bodies of the girls were stabbed, cut, and violently thrown across the room, breaking the toilet and sink in the process as their heads had landed on them. The poor girls didn’t even have time to scream as their blood was flooding the floor and their bodies and limbs littered the place, like abandoned broken puppets.

Then, when Angela thought she had witnessed the strangest possible thing, she watched the scarlet liquid rise into the air, flowing in the air, and heading towards Mary. Liters of blood was pouring in reverse and was absorbed by her body like some mystical enchantment. Bloody Mary’s eyes were closed in delight, her tongue out and tasting some of the blood streaming at her.

That’s when Angela fainted.

What she remembers afterwards were quick flashes: people breaking into the bathroom, one of them throwing up. Angela being taken into custody by policemen in front of the mansion, Lisa in the middle of the crowd watching her, horrified and crying. Bloody Mary watching her in the rear-view mirror of the police car.

– “You’re not getting away like that, kid! I swear the prosecutor will eat you alive.” Said the blond officer who’s clearly had enough of her version of the story.

– “She’s trying to play the nuts card. Her lawyer is gonna make her plead insanity, don’t you get it yet?” Replied the other policeman.

Angela had told them exactly what had happened, but what were the chances they would ever believe her anyway? The blond officer didn’t want to let go and kept yelling at her.

– “You won’t get away with this, not this time! I’m sick of your kind, you retarded little shits who have it all! You grow bored with life, watching all these shitty violent shows on TV, competing with each other to see who makes the sickest videos and upload it on the internet. You think it’s cool to act like psychos and stuff, and eventually you kill someone innocent just to show the world you exist or something! What a fucked up generation!” He had his face so close to hers that she received sneezes while he was yelling at her.

– “Jim, let her go, that’s useless.” advised his colleague.

– “You make me sick! I’m gonna make sure you rot in jail, trust me on that!” The blond officer added before slapping her face.

– “JIM! Okay… let’s get out of here.”

They were heading towards the door when Angela suddenly said:

– “Wait… I’m gonna confess.”

The blond officer came back, putting his two hands on the table:

– “Oh now she wants to confess! You hear that Collins!?”

Angela lifted her head and confronted him, looking straight into his eyes.

– “You wanna see if I’m the sick one? You wanna see if I’m the psycho here?”

– “Yeah show me! You wanna play tough now? Just show me what you’re made of.”

While his colleague yelled something at him and tried to grab him by the arm, Jim never heard the five words that Angela was whispering while looking at her reflection in the mirror. Jim never saw the haunting figure coming from behind him and when he felt a horrible pain in his back and saw the tip of a long pair of scissors bursting out of his chest, it was already too late. He looked at the girl seated in front of him, his face full of disbelief. The other officer screamed and grabbed his gun, but before he had the chance to aim at the dark specter, his blood was already spattering the door. They both collapsed to the floor.

Three police officers in the corridor heard loud noises coming from within the room. When they entered, they saw the bodies of their colleagues lying face down in a pool of blood, their limbs creased in weird positions. The table and chairs had flown across the room, the camera was destroyed, and a thousand pieces of the large mirror littered the floor.

Apart from the bodies of the deceased cops, they never found any traces of somebody else in the room.