Terrordrome 2.10.3 has been released!

Do you remember the dance contest video where Terrordrome characters were showing all their dancing skills? Today we release version 2.10.3 which includes the dance floor stage plus some minor fixes.

Let’s dance!

Windows installer:





Linux and Mac installer (PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac and Wine required):

Mediafire (Linux/Mac):

Mega (Linux/Mac):



Version 2.10.1 has been released!


Hello Terrordrome fans!

Patch 2.10.1 is live! This is mostly bug fixing patch and it reverts old joystick support (see changelog), no new features were added.

We now consider Terrordrome as a completed game and we don’t plan to add anymore characters. We’d also like to remind everyone that this game cannot be ported to consoles or mobile, it’s PC/Mac/Linux exclusive.

We want to take a break from Terrordrome so this is probably the last patch for this game. When time comes, we will start developing Terrordrome 2.

Version 2.10 has been released! Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween TerrorFans! And Happy New Update with our traditional new release.

The team has gathered for one last effort to bring you this new patch 2.10 which takes the game to a whole new level.

I’ve stated many times that the game was finished and there wouldn’t have any new update, but the team proved me wrong.
Brad, Fab, Pawel and I joined our forces again to bring you the last and Ultimate patch.

Now, a new experience awaits you!

This version brings no new characters but lots of new features:

New moves, new combos, new AI, new modes and TROPHIES!

About Trophies, it’s important to say that they’re not an actual Finisher like in MK, since the intention never was to copy MK.

Trophy is a feature I wanted to add in the early days of this project and the idea behind it is to end the opponent’s life and keep a “souvenir” from him, not necessarily kill him in the most gruesome way.

There is a new Netplay setup, more user-friendly to experience Multiplayer match. And another important addition is a new setup that allows all kind of controllers to work with the game.

And last but not least, we kept chasing and fixed more glitches and bug to have an even smoother experience.

This is the team’s ultimate effort to make this game as refined and complete as possible. We hope you will like it and enjoy it as never before.
It’s the labor of nearly 10 years of work, made during our spare time with all the passion we could pour into it, it’s TERRORDROME! ~ TerrorTeam

Terrordrome version 1.0

Menu pro

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time for many of you, here is a video of TRDM 0, the prototype, the thing that started it all a decade ago.
This video take us back to 2005 when the very first version of the game came out! Horror mixed with laughter I’d say if we consider the totally out-dated graphic quality!
This is before the Terrordrome game you guys know and play now. It’s a 2 characters demo and looks quite funny compared to the actual final version! We’ve come a long way!
Grab your pop-corn and enjoy :-).


Version 2.9.9, plus Russian version made by Rostislavs Pimberis and Ilya Volodin.

The download link to the final version (2.9.9) has finally been updated and a Russian version is also available on the website!


Now you can have access to the very final product in the website download section as well as an entirely new Russian translated version of the game thanks to 2 brave fans: Rostislavs Pimberis and Ilya Volodin.
These guys not only translated the whole plot for every character but also integrated the sounds of the Russian movies. If you’re a Russian player, you have to get this version! Spasibo guys!

Version 2.9.7 has been released!

Finally able to get this new update out this makes the game version go to 2.9.7

Here is the fixes in this update

– Made general fixes on collion and attack frames

– Extended time for being invulnerable while using dodge of Candyman, Tallman and Herbert West

– Extended defense frames for Chucky’s dodge animation to match his standing frames

– Pinhead’s second unleashed move now takes less damage

– Pinhead’s first unleashed move takes more damage now

– Added a new run strong weapon attack for Herbert West

– Added a new special move for Leatherface (Spin Rush)

– Added a new special move for Leatherface (Throw Hammer)

– Added a new special move for Ghostface (Rush Stab)

– Little changes for Tallman sphere weak weapon (crouch one too)

– Added two new unused animations for Tallman (can you find them ? )

– Added run attacks for Classic Jason

– Added unused animation for Classic Jason (run weak weapon)

– Added the second start pose for Undead Jason

Remember you must have version 2.9.6 to run this version

How to update version 2.9.7 from a clean install or new install

First install 2.9.5 The link is outdated!

Then install patch for version 2.9.5 to 2.9.6
The link is outdated!

Then you can download version 2.9.6 to 2.9.7
The link is outdated!

If your having issues with the current netplay client you can revert back to the old version

Version 2.9.6 has been released!

Time for a new version this is a small update to address small issues with the game here is the change log

Download Link for TRDM-Final-2.9.5 to 2.9.6.exe download file size is 2.6 mb!!

The link is outdated!

New Patch system to reduce download size this looks for what is changed and applys them to the files you must have the full install of version 2.9.5 for this update to work

Game version now displays in bottom right corner of Game Mode screen removed from file name

Made Tallman’s W.Weapon attack faster on stand and crouch

Fixed Arm issue on Ash’s grabs

Reduced Damage on Jason Classic’s Fork Unleashed

Fixed Jason Classic’s Helper Vs. Chucky while using Fork

Changed Ghostface Standing and Movement Hitboxes

Ash’s Crouch Hitboxes made taller

Added more invulnerability frames to Chucky’s Spin Unleashed

Limited Myer’s Upper Slash in combos

Please note once again you must have this installed for this patch to work this game version 2.9.5

So if you don’t have version 2.9.5 please download and install then download and install the 2.9.5 to 2.9.6 patch

Terrordrome Version 2.9.5
The link is outdated!

Also in a hour I will be stream live

Version 2.9.5 has been released!

Finally it’s release time for Version 2.9.5

Here is the patch notes for this version

-NEW netplay Client based off of Telepone MTSP

-Minior Fixes to Hit Sparks

-Fixed issue were Herbert West freezes after helper hit VS. Pumpkinhead or Mid Air Opponent

-Fixed Block Infinite with Herbert West and also Acid Bottle Infinte vs Leatherface

-Fixed missing sound on Pumpkinhead losing (causing music to turn off)

-Added more recovery to Pumpkinhead’s Unleashed 1

-Added more recovery to Pumpkinhead’s crouch kick

-Addded more recovery to Pinhead’s crouch punch

-Chucky’s AIr Nail Gun no longer causes hard knockdown

-New Move for Tallman Sphere Saw Rush command in pause menu

-Fixed issue for Tallman’s Telegrab was causing infinite on characters except Leatherface

-Fixed issue for when Tallman’s Telegrab cancelled out when hit by a Sphere Mine(Tallman Frozen)

-Fixed issue that would cause a dizzy state instend of pulling out a arrow VS mid air arrow hit

-Added Wall Bounce after Classic Jason Anti Air Fork (Combo Possibities)

-Fixed issues where Pumpkinhead’s Earthqukae stomp won’t hit a opponent from far if walking backwards

-Made Myers Unleashed 1 have 4 hits at ending for style changes (Damage the same)

-Fixed issue when Ghostface calls helper when back to corner helper now runs on proper side

-Fixed issue that would cause Matt Cordell to have infinte helpers

-Matt Cordell can no longer cancel crouch kick to taser

-Fixed issue that when using pause and pressing Kick+S.Weapon+Select buttons reset feature combo numbers display from last combo in verse or training

-Made Candyman’s Teleport Dive command work in Air becomes a Diving Attack

-Candyman’s Jump Weapon Attacks now cancel to Air Diving Attack

-Classic Jason can now cancel to his weapon swtich from Normal Attacks

-Leatherface’s Trap now comes out faster

-General fixes to moves causing too much push back

-Candyman and Tallman Arrow Pull out longer (Kyle O’Neil)

-One last thing the install folder is now Terrordrome_Final version numbers will not be included

Game Installer:
The link is outdated!

Optional Install Terrordrome Related Profile Backgrounds for netplay

The link is outdated!

Just rename to ProfileBG.png and put in your online\rsrc folder

And also it looks like the wins and lose are just personal records they are not seen by other players

Version 2.9.4 has been released!

New Version 2.9.4 here is what to except in this new update

-General Text Fixes To EXE
-Unleashed Moves now have invulnerabiliy frames
-Special moves got more invulnerabiliy frames
-Added invulnerabiliy frames to Body Slams
-Tallman and Pinhead have grab escape animations
-Fixed a issue were players could grab escape special moves
-Fixed Infinite Grab loop when Matt Cordell Counters
-Fixed Infinite kick with Matt Cordell (Character Specific)
-Fixed U.Jason Kick loop when using Recharge
-If U.Jason is below 20 health points he can use Recharge instead of 9
-Candyman Spin at wall missing sprite replaced
-Fixed Herbert West stun on Defeb
-Fixed issues were characters would disappear on losing a match
-Herbert West Full Combo String doesn’t cause knockdown
-Herbert West jump Punch causes hard knockdown
-Made Herbert West Unleashed 1 animation faster

The link is outdated!

This is a 811 mb download enjoy everyone

Version 2.9.3 has been released!

Alright files are back up and fixes are there for Matt Cordell

And here is the list of fixes that made the game go up to version 2.9.3

-Game version changed due to user confusion
-Game patches 1 and 2 intergrated
-Fixed issue were Chucky won’t perform a jump punch attack
-Fixed issue were Chucky would cancel out of Voodoo when using stab command
-Chucky Voodoo projectile blockable now
-Matt Cordell Taser attack blockable now
-New Move added to Matt Cordell (Counter)
-Fixed issue were characters would float in mid air
-Ash Boomstick no longer auto reloads after performing air version
-Myers down + punch and also Ceiling punch enabled to OTG
-Myers Ceiling Punch now has a Earthquake Effect
-Ash and Tallman can now ump cancel from Crouching S. Weapon
-Tall man jump loop fixed VS. large characters
-Tall man tele grab fixed VS. mid air opponent or falling opponent
-Fixed issue where first hit in training would auto recover health
-Fixed issue were characters couldn’t grab a dizzy opponent
-Undead Jason and Classic Jason arrows cause opponent to pull arrow out after mid air hit
-Myers helper now hits a dizzy opponent
-Freddy’s Worm Unleashed Attack boxes extended
-Freddy’s Long Arm hit boxes width increased
-Candyman can no longer do Air Pounce over and over
-Fixed issue were stages would somethings cause a black screen

And like before download all files the .pak files are for the installer

All you need to do is run EXE and play

The link is outdated!