today we have announced combo trials and our Patreon!
This Patreon will out Brad continue to develop the game further and all the money within this goes right back into the game.
If you want to donate and help out like you did in the Kickstarter, Please  support us on our new Patreon. thank you.

Terrordrome Anniversary Stream!

Tune in tomorrow 12pm CDT for the first ever Terrordrome anniversary stream on our new official Terrordrome TV twitch channel!
In this stream our Programming lead Brad Anderson will be going through Mr Hyde and will be revealing a new game mode he has been tireless working on in his spare time.
Also we will be revealing other goodies too!

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update July 2021

With the Release of Mr Hyde we are now deciding to focus more on the stages as we can give them much more personality and identity.

We’re in the works with Mr Hyde’s home stage which will be Dr Jekyll’s laboratory.

We’re also going back to Helsing’s Arcade stage to install some new cabinets (but be warned, one is very dangerous and we advise you to not look into the screen for too long)

After this we want to go back to Mary’s stage to add some background ghosties.

Mr Hyde joins the Terrordrome!

Dr Jekyll sends his regards!

Mr Hyde the manic, crazy and damn right violent powerful split personality of Dr Jekyll has joined the Terrordrome!
In this update now out! You will be able to play Mr Hyde with his cigar, belt on one hand and whiskey on the other.

Neverman also has his second Unleash added too!

Dracula First Look!

“I want you to believe… to believe in things you can not.”
Bram Stoker

Here’s our official model of the son of the dragon himself.
Dracula is far down one of the most famous monsters of all time but with modern times he seems to be on top with his immortality and knowledge throughout time to control his human stock.

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update June 2021

Hyde is coming along nicely as we only need to add a few things left and fix some of his bugs but we’re also working on a new in game rendering system at the same time which has slowed down the progress, but we’re pretty sure Hyde will be available this month.

Dracula’s model is in the middle of the rigging phase, making sure we give him some dental surgery whilst we’re at it

Wendigo’s model is still a work in progress.

Finally we plan on making another Vlog after Hyde’s release explaining more depth on the game’s development and what are next steps are.


Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update May 2021

Terrordrome is part of IndieGala’s Reign of Rage bundle with 6 other indies along with us, be sure to check out the bundle here:

Secondly Mr Hyde is now in engine!
Which means we need to add all the sounds and fix some bugs with him and he’s finished!!!

After we finish Hyde we can plan on giving Neverman his second Unleash.

Also we are setting up a Patreon page to help fund the game even more and for you guys to get some Terrordrome goodies if you choose to support us.
More about this in the future.

Lastly our Modeller Vin is working on Wendigo which means once that creature is finished we only need Invisible Man and Spring Heeled Jack to complete the roster!


Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update March 2021

A few days ago we released patch 10 with improvements and a brand new stage Training Room 101!

Rollback netcode is mostly fixed and has good results through our tests and works for people in multiple different countries, but it’s not perfect yet and can cause desyncs rarely, if you see a desync occur please report the issue in Steam or Discord with recordings from both players.

Dracula’s model is fully finished but not rigged yet.

Mr Hyde’s reactions are being animated.

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update February 2021

In terms of netcode, we feel that we’re very very close to fixing it creating a great fair online game for all, meaning maybe we can get some online tournaments going in the future maybe!?!?

Stage development is on hold due to some technical errors but fear not as we used this time to work on Hyde’s animations instead, In fact all of his normals are finished!

Dracula’s model is in development and will be complete soon (no date to show at this time)