Name: Frankenstein

Class: Monster

Weapon: Hammer

He’s the result of an experiment conducted by Dr. Victor Frankenstein two centuries ago. A humanoid creature created with assembled salvaged human body parts and and endowed with a longer life expectancy. He considers himself as the legitimate son of Frankenstein and has taken on the name of his father. However he soon became tormented by the idea he may not have a soul and therefore is a mere biological machine. But his main quest has yet to fully manifest itself as he still has to embrace his true destiny and find out the real reason why he came into existence.


Name: Sasquatch (Okash)

Class: Cryptid

Weapon: Handmade Axe

A delegate of the people of the wild and an outcast of his own tribe, tired of the lack of retaliation from his peers when their habitat underwent deforestation and contamination. He is known as Okash and chose to move away from the pacifist ways of the Sasquatches to become an active warrior in the battle against humans. During his quest, he noticed not all humans are enemies and that both races might be under tyranny of a common enemy: greedy corporations and corrupt governments. Fighting alongside new allies, he may have a chance to keep his people and habitat safe.


Name: Alex Van Helsing

Class: Hunter

Weapon: Shotgun Axe

One of the last descendants of the great Van Helsing family who fought Dracula two centuries ago. He’s the one keeping the “vampire hunter” tradition alive to this day. He inherited most of his cryptid techniques and knowledge from his ancestors and invested some of the family fortune in various businesses to finance his dangerous lifestyle. In time his activities extended to paranormal investigation of all kinds. In recent years he’s also been planning a large scale operation to locate Dracula himself and put a definitive end to his reign, even at the cost of personal sacrifices.


Name: Neverman

Class: Demon

Weapon: Demonic Briefcase

The Origin of the Neverman is very ancient and shrouded in mystery. His presence can be traced back to many ancient cultures and he’s been called by many names. In the past century his stories have been used to scare children. The stories that he usually comes out of the ground to either steal facial features from unlucky folks or abduct them. Once the person is missing, the family and friends of this person will slowly forget about them until they completely deny the very existence of this person, as if they were all under a spell. This makes the search for this person impossible.


Name: Bloody Mary (Mary Sherman)

Class: Ghost

Weapon: Surgical Scissors

Formerly known as Mary Sherman, she is Dracula’s victim whose transformation from human to vampire went terribly wrong. Her considerable loss of blood made the mutation incomplete while still maintaining a hypnotic bond to our plane of reality, thus making the escape of her soul to higher vibrational dimensions impossible. Her soul is forever trapped in between our world and the world of spirits as she somehow managed to anchor herself in a mirrored version of our reality. Now she seeks revenge against the one who turned her into a monster.


Name: T.H.I.S (Tactical Hybrid Ingestion System)

Class: Monster

Weapon: Chainsaw

Also known as “Tactical Hybrid Ingestion System”, its origin is unknown. a proreform intelligent organism that can replicate whatever its senses can analyse either by touching or by simple observation. T.H.I.S is in constant survival mode and needs to feed off of other living organisms. After ingestion, it will enter into a state of digestion and hibernation that can last for months before it starts hunting again. It is speculated that it might have come from outer space and is more likely to utilize scary appearances to frighten its prey and freeze them in place.


Name: Mr. Hyde (Dr. Jekyll)

Class: Super Human

Weapon: Belt

Hyde came into existence the day Dr. Jekyll decided to test the formula he’s been working on for years on his own body. This formula is the product of years of research financed by Van Helsing. It’s designed to improve human cognitive functions and enhance physical strength among other things. However the product was still in its early stages when Dr. Jekyll decided to ingest it, and it had unexpected results: he gained physical enhancements along with razor-sharp senses and superhuman strength, but he lost total control over his counterpart Hyde as well as his memories and consciousness.


Name: White Lady

Class: Spirit

Weapon: Sacrificial Dagger

She is the embodiment of the souls of thousands of women who have died brutal deaths across the earth, including suicides, murders and horrible accidents. An evil spirit who laments their death and carries the suffering of countless women inside of her. Anyone that disturbs her eternal mourning will face her wrath. She’s attracted to the energy left over by the fear and agony of women. She will anchor herself to these places and remain until all the energy has been consumed. She’s a portal to the infinite realm of agony, the home of countless tortured souls. She is many and their grief is eternal.


Name: Dracula

Class: Vampire

Weapon: The Dragon’s Sword

Also known as “the son of the dragon” Dracula is the leader of a secret and powerful family of vampires. They sit at the head of a shadowy empire and act as the world’s ruling class. They rule and manipulate governments and media outlets throughout their many corporations and secret network to serve their evil agenda: dumb down the masses and feed off of their energy and fears. They promote fear and finance war everywhere on Earth through mass hypnosis. The top executives of this are vampires while their minions are mind controlled human. Needless to say you don’t get to the top without making a few enemies in the process.


Name: Wendigo

Class: Spirit

Weapon: Human Morningstar

The spirit of hunger and greed has been awakened and is more ravenous than ever. Once an inhabitant of the cold forest of the northern regions of North America, his presence is now often felt near rural towns. Something has triggered his appetite and it’s uncertain what this could be. Although most people don’t believe in him and consider it a mere Native American legend, the Sasquatch people know him well and may know how to stop him. For that to happen, new alliances will need to be forged between humans and Sasquatches if they can settle their differences.


Name: Spring Heeled Jack (Leroy Jackson)

Class: Hunter

Weapon: Arm Blades

Wheelchair bound engineer by day, spring-loaded master thief by night. Leroy Jackson has lived in poverty his entire life within the lower end of the streets and being amputated from the knees down made his life that much more difficult. One day after a traumatic event he decided to take matters into his own hands creating artificial legs and robbing the over privileged until one day his eyes were opened to the real world when stealing an artifact from Dracula himself, revealing to truth about the vampiric society that ruled over New York and potentially the world. With newfound knowledge he has joined Alex’s quest to take down The Count once and for all.


Name: Invisible Man (Henry Griffin)

Class: Scientist

Weapon: Bowie Knife

A scientist and a well-equipped mercenary, Henry Griffin was plagued by his infatuation with cloak technology to better advance himself on the battlefield. His search for true invisibility resulted in him leaving the forces and perusing the rumours of special mediation techniques within the monks of the Tibetan mountains. Proving his theory of changing a physical object to be rendered invisible to the naked eye within a very specific frequency led his training to take a downturn finding himself tuning into a realm from beyond full of vicious creatures. Discovering a new world, Griffin took to researching it immediately traveling back and forth using leather clothing as protection noting down everything he can. Needing funding for this new project he took up a job as a mercenary for a vampiric CEO with his newfound powers despite the disapproval of his master.