Character models and textures:

Mike Tibo: Micheal Myers

Marc “hur4c4n” Echave: Ghostface, Leatherface

Chris “Tenshu” Romagnoli: Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Ash Williams

Fabien Rixens: Chucky, Undead Jason, Classic Jason, Matthew Cordell, Candyman, Tall man, Herbert West, Pinhead, Pumpkinhead, Cenobites, Dr Hill, Dwarf, Pamela

Character rigging, animation, rendering and sprites:

Fabien Rixens: Tall man, Pumpkinhead, Pinhead, Cenobites, Dwarf

Marc “hur4c4n” Echave: Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Micheal Myers, Ash Williams, Ghostface, Classic Jason, Undead Jason, Chucky, Matthew Cordell, Candyman, Herbert West, Dr Hill, Pamela

Stages graphics:

Marc “hur4c4n” Echave: Knowby cabin, Myers house, Camp Crystal lake

Chris “Tenshu” Romagnoli: Hewitt house, Miskatonic Lab, Freddy’s lair, Camp Crystal lake, Myers house, S-mart

Fabien Rixens: Mausoleum, Cabrini green, High school, Prison, Leviathan, Pumpkin forest


Marc “hur4c4n” Echave, Bradley “Acid sama” Anderson and Pawel Dzierzanowski

Game design:

Marc “hur4c4n” Echave and Bradley “Acid sama” Anderson

Sound editing:

Fabien RixensMarc “hur4c4n” Echave and Pawel Dzierzanowski

Announcer voice

Jay “Jason Moore” Ugokwe

Special effects:

Marc “hur4c4n” Echave

Technical director:

Marc “hur4c4n” Echave and Bradley “Acid sama” Anderson

Game introduction and menus:

Marc “hur4c4n” Echave

Story mode and credits graphics:

Fabien Rixens

Netplay server and community manager:

Bradley “Acid sama” Anderson and Pawel Dzierzanowski

Credits theme:

Clairvius: Immortal truth (instrumental)

Intro and loading theme:

Spintec Beats

Game mode theme:

Isaias Lafon

Special thanks:

Photos for Ghostface storyline contest:

Pawel Dzierzanowski, Thrash!Lobo, Nocolas Pinto and Nia Marin

Netplay community:

Mark Scott (Durdy), William Palafox (The Foxx) and Adam Curtis (RIP, you would have loved version 2.10)

Version 2.10 beta-testers:

Kyle O’Neill, Dragoomba, Big Blevak, Robert Shkk, Mitchell Boyd, Marc Scott

The FMHQ community:

For help and hints!

Jeff Wheaton and Clairvius:

For big cash support!

The great thank:

To all fans around the world who have been supporting this project since the very beginning and all others who discovered the project later after.

A big thanks to all horror film industry workers and our families for their patience.

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Offical Facebook run by Bradley “Acid sama” Anderson

Terrordrome Rise of Boogymen 2007…2016

An original idea of Marc “hur4c4n” Echave