Name: Chuppah the Chupacabra

Occupation: Pet

Location: Alex Van Helsing helper move

Discovered as a puppy within a laboratory raided by Alex and the hunters circle, Chuppah was found and smuggled back by Alex to his home in sheets and cushions to stop the spikes piercing his skin.

Knowing this is not a vampire but a undiscovered wild canine Alex brought it onto himself to bring him up, tame him and become a new friendly asset to his work.

A few years had past and Chuppah has become the vampire hunters best friend being able to sniff the blood of vampires around him as well as a good boy to chill on the couch with.


Name: Isadora Dracula

Occupation: Assassin

Location: Dracula’s Tower stage

The first of the 3 of Dracula’s brides, Isadora has strived within her life to study every martial art she can.

Devoted to her husband, she has become his personal hitman for Dracovitch Industries taking out his competition, opposition politicians and anyone that could impose threat to his grand plan.

Knowing how to kill in the quickest and most silent way possible she uses this opportunity to drain the corpse of their blood into bags and bring them home for herself, her husband and the other brides.


Name: Sybil Dracula

Occupation: Coven High Priestess

Location: Dracula’s Tower stage

The Second of Dracula’s brides Sybil is a vampiric witch and high priestess of her coven.

Possessing incredible power of the dark arts Sybil and her coven works under Dracula and has preformed a number of sadistic rituals including the summoning of the Wendigo close to a Sasquatch settlement.

Often coming off flirtatious, her dark side is always showing and will have the intense joy of biting your neck and using your corpse as ingredients to her next concoction.

Jab the nightguard

Name: Jab

Occupation: Erase nightguard

Location: Erase Warehouse stage

Once a former film student Jab had secured a nightguard position for a large sum of cash as long as to not question anything inside the warehouse and not to open any boxes and any intruders he catches must be given to his some above him in which he has to ring using a separate and suspicious mobile phone.

With pay this good there was no question and he followed the job exactly as requested.

In his spare time Jab enjoys reading up African culture as well as having a good time at the disco.

Dr Herbert West

Name: Dr Herbert West

Occupation: Scientist

Location: West’s Laboratory stage

Dragged to the US with operation paperclip after the end of world war 2, Dr Herbert West devoted his life to the research of reanimation whether if it was within the pentagon or now under the supervision of Dracula, West has given the ability to continue his work without any moral objection from his co-workers.

On the brink of success West has managed to bring back the dead, the issue is that they no longer who they were before but zombies, But both Dracula and West saw the opportunity to take advantage of this new found discovery.

Dead set on curing the world from death, West will sacrifice even former scientists to his experiments whether it’s with his formula or constructing new creations using blob like biomatter or gene splicing, West’s creations has left him playing god… and not a friendly one.