Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update January 2021

As the new year starts we continue to work on the netcode as much as we can.
Although the Rollback works, how it’s implemented can still cause desyncs now and then which has been our prime focus for now.
With that said we still strive to continue other parts of the project.

We have made an Instagram so be sure to give it a follow.
Terrordrome (@terrordromethegame) • Instagram photos and videos

With Jack’s concept art done and White Lady’s model finished our modeller Vin will start the model for Dracula once he’s back from his break

We also have been looking for publishers which will help us take the game to the next level and will help us provide help with adding more content and the console ports we know everyone wants

Finally we will be starting looking for guest characters again and we’ll be contacting others and see if we can work something out, although we are going to try to get guests we can not promise we would get any and if we do please don’t expect movie characters as we’re not big enough yet for those type of highly expensive characters

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