Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends Development Update, September 2022

Where are we now?

So first things first, where’s the next update?
Unfortunately, it has taken the team more time than expected to finish up the latest update. Dracula is ready, along with the 2 new stages, music tracks, and gameplay mechanics.

We have had some setbacks in regards to implementing these features into the latest build, primarily due to waiting for commissioned music for the stages and finalizing sounds and bug fixes for Dracula.

So to put it simply, the next update is right around the corner and we are excited to have it ready for you very soon.


While we finish integrating the new features into our next build, what has been happening in the background? Here’s a quick rundown:


New menu designs are in development and will be integrated in later updates. These have only just begun.

Our coders Brad and Matt have also been working towards integrating GGPO Rollback net code. There is not a lot to share in regards to this at the moment. Stay tuned.


The Hidden Forest and Abandoned Park stages are finalized and ready. The stages will be a part of the next update and are home to Sasquatch and T.H.I.S The Clown. The music for both of these stages have been added to these stages as well.


With Dracula’s animations complete, it is time to begin work on our next character, the Wendigo. Our lead animator, Marc, will begin working on the Wendigo’s animations this month.
In addition, our team member SkullRabbit will also assist in the animation process to speed up the development of this character. This gives Marc more time to focus on other aspects of animation, design future assets such as stages, and writing.

With that, here is a preview of the Wendigo’s idle stance animation!



Behold! Spring Heeled Jack’s model has been created and is ready for rigging. Here is a preview of what is to come!


Dracula’s trailer has been completed and will be ready to launch upon release of the next update. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you can forgive us for the delays. We truly think it will be worth the wait.

– The Terror Team

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