Stories told across the realm of the Terrordrome Universe, learn unknown truths about your favorite monsters and future horrors and discover the witnesses and survivors who are telling them. Remember that every legend starts from a touch of truth after all.


Neverman, The Day I Never Existed

A young boy finds himself in the cold grasp of The Neverman. to his horror, the nightmare as only just started.


Night Of The Clown

Three teenagers explore an abandoned amusement park after a meteorite crashes into the area. In search for a good thrill, they will instead find out what true terror means!


Bloody Mary Blood Ties


A teenage girl invited to a once in a lifetime party will find herself in a messy situation and make the toughest choice of her life.


White Lady Death Wish

A team of 3 buys a mysterious dagger online hoping for world wide fame and fortune but what they got was what they were asking for.