Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update January 2021

As the new year starts we continue to work on the netcode as much as we can.
Although the Rollback works, how it’s implemented can still cause desyncs now and then which has been our prime focus for now.
With that said we still strive to continue other parts of the project.

We have made an Instagram so be sure to give it a follow.
Terrordrome (@terrordromethegame) • Instagram photos and videos

With Jack’s concept art done and White Lady’s model finished our modeller Vin will start the model for Dracula once he’s back from his break

We also have been looking for publishers which will help us take the game to the next level and will help us provide help with adding more content and the console ports we know everyone wants

Finally we will be starting looking for guest characters again and we’ll be contacting others and see if we can work something out, although we are going to try to get guests we can not promise we would get any and if we do please don’t expect movie characters as we’re not big enough yet for those type of highly expensive characters

White Lady’s model first look!

To celebrate a hopeful new year we are today sharing the model for White Lady.
There’s stories and legends of the Lady in White from all over the globe from tales from down the street to the biggest urban legends like La Llorona. We thought it seemed fitting to add all of them into one character.
Have a happy new year

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends Development Update December 2020

A few days ago our Lead Director Marc released a blog of how development has been going for it’s best we single it down in this update of what we’re doing.

We’ve announced character 11 which will be The Invisible Man with character 12 being announced by the end of the year.

We have 3 stages in the works not including the Training stage which are the Abandoned Theme Park, Frankenstein’s lair and Sasquatch’s forest

We’re working to improve the net code as this is very important for us and you

Finally to add smaller touches to other things like some unleashes and elements to the stages we added previously


New Mr Hyde Redesign

Drinking the formula and washing it down with some whiskey and some good old fashioned cigars.
This is the life of Dr Jekyll now that he has been transformed into someone even he doesn’t recognise.
This is our new redesign for Mr Hyde

New Track

As we’re joining the fighting game sale and today is Friday the 13th we’d thought we would celebrate by sharing a brand new track by Michal Ratkowski called Room 101.
Be sure to get your copy of Terrordrome during the event, you’ll benefit from 20% off


Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends Development Update November 2020

Yesterday we released our newest character being the killer clown T.H.I.S and we hope everyone is enjoying him so far as we continue to move and improve.

Before getting ready to put Mr Hyde into Development we decided to focus on smaller details that need to be added and worked upon so we would like to share what we’re planning on doing in the months ahead.

We want to add 3 more stages into the game including our new Training room in which we decided to call it Training Room 101,
We’re also looking at the previous stages too like re texturing some of the cabinets in Helsing’s Arcade.

Unleash/Death Sentence:
We plan on creating a new Unleash move for Neverman

T.H.I.S Playable Now!!

He came, he saw, he Clownified?

T.H.I.S the killer clown from out of this world is now available to play in Terrordrome Reign Of The Legends in the latest update!

Have a Happy Halloween from the Terrordrome Team